owlmazing makes…ornaments!


Ok…I went a little crazy with the ornaments, I think. 3 snowmen and 6 sweaters later, I can’t believe I am DONE!


I decided to follow Anna Hrachovec’s pattern for mochimochi snowmen. I turned them into ornaments with a quick string through the noggin!


These snowman friends are for my two best friends, and my ‘best coworker’. I’m still debating making one last snowman so Maria and her daughter Lana can have matching ornaments for her second christmas ❤

Unfortunately though I don’t have much time! I will be seeing her tonight and giving her these gifts at her potluck. At 1 I am going to a friends (actually, the blue snowmans future owner) to bake up my potluck treat! I’ve got about 4 hours to get ready, clean, go, workout, etc. We’ll see what happens with this little guy.


I also made sweater ornaments for my parents, myself and my brother, and our boyfriend and girlfriend. Chris’s sweater has already been wrapped so it’s missing from the pictures.


I’m so excited to give them to everyone! And so happy to be able to do so 🙂

Well, I guess I better decide what to do and get to it! Check out everyone else’s FO’s at Tami’s Amis!


And if you want to see my other FO of this week, check out my chubby chirp.

In the meantime….


She’s watching yoooooou!