Mail Bag

Today I headed to the post office on my way home from work sick (its 1 minute from my house) to pick up a package. I have a few things on the way (i always do) so it was a surprise as to what it would be.


of course I saw the return address being Fresh Stiches and knew EXACTLY who was waiting inside the package.



The adorable alpaca plushie hand made by Stacey Trock! AKA my most favorite crocheter ever (sorry ya’ll, but I just don’t know many! 😉 )


I can’t crochet to save my life so I was happy to adopt this little fella. He’s sooo cute ^.^ The perfect thing to cheer me up on a day I feel like total garbagio.



Hehehehe. ❤ it’s love.

I also got a really special letter, too.


If you’ve never heard of mother bear, where are you hiding? It’s a project that has knitters and crocheters making bears to give to children who are affected in some way by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa. You need to get the pattern in the mail, so this is mine! I’m excited to do a bit of charitable knitting in the future, and I think this is a touching cause.


❤ needless to say, I love my mailbox today. and when i got home, there was ANOTHER missed delivery slip. Wonder what it will be tomorrow!