Mail bag


I got another package in the maaaail! Although it’s not the one I’ve been most pining over, my plucky order 😦 When will you get here?!?! I want to squish you 😦


What I actually received is the adorable owl stitch markers, which I am in love with! So it’s okay 😀 They are from Hide and sheep, a really cool etsy store with tons of stuff. If you want row counters or stitch markers with I’s and D’s to let you know when to increase and decrease, check her out! I’m kind of regretting not looking at her shop more carefully before ordering these ones!


I bought these to reward myself for completing the first week of my running program. Sadly, a month later, I’m still on week 2! Urgh. BUT, I did do a run yesterday and I’m trying really hard to be back on track.


I love the way these were packages!! First, it’s always nice to get candies in the mail 🙂 Which is something a lot of etsy sellers do! I appreciate the touch. Also, the little tin! How cute / handy!! And each in their little bags too. It’s just such a nice attention to detail that I REALLY appreciate! Beautifully done. (the red stitch marker did not come with it, there was a sixth owl who is already living in my current WIP)


Don’t you love them!? I don’t know if you can tell by the blog title or my rav username, owlmazing, but i LOVE owls. My house is full of them. So these…I’m obsessed with. I think they look like barn owls. Yeah, I’m thinking about it that deeply. They actually remind me of the photo that is the month of march in my owl calendar.


I love the stitch markers and this photo!

I’m glad to have them to cheer me up because I have an exam today! Blech. But then my French classes are OVER until September, scooore. I hope everyone has a fantabulous Tuesday and now it’s time for me to go study…