owlmazing makes…life decisions.

So I’ve been doing this thing for the past couple of weeks. It’s this:

I workout. If I workout enough, I buy myself yarn. Pretty simple.

My goal for december is 3 workouts a week. I like to run and also do some workout  videos or workouts from a  magazine or book. Usually it’s running and maybe some jillian micheals workouts a couple of days.

If i workout 3x a week, I buy myself mini skeins of yarn for my hexipuff obsession. so far it worked quite well the first week and I just received my reward in the mail today! Last week was not a success, but I was going through a lot of personal stuff and just NOT feeling it. I tried not to get down on myself and just let it be. No minis for me, but that’s okay. Life never goes exactly as planned, that’s just not how it works!

So I figured for that extra bit of upping the ante I would post about it and update 1x per week on mondays with a simple Did I make it? And what did I order type of deal.

Week 1: success, Purchased:


From Radical Notions.

Week 2: Not a Success.

Week 3: To be determined.

& just in case you are wondering why I am working out in the first place, it’s because I want to be HEALTHY! I have no weight to lose. My aunt had a weird heart attack at age 46 and I want to keep myself in tip top shape to avoid that. She was never overweight at all and it just…happened. I just want to know that I’m doing my best to keep MY heart strong and healthy ❤ It’s a good goal to have!

There are a bunch of us doing something similar on ravelry. Check out Sweatin For Skeins if you are curious 🙂