yarn along


It’s been a while since I’ve linked up anywhere, but i am happy to join in on yarn along today. Reading and Knitting are my two favourite hobbies so I love it when they go hand in hand. This summer I put down the needles in exchange for a book a lot of the time, in fact. Less likely to get hot hands with a book.

I’m knitting the offset wraplan baby cardi for one of our best friends bun in the oven. I certainly hope it’s a boy, because these felici colours (sunny day) are turning out a lot less unisex than I was hoping for. What do you think? Pretty boyish right? I may just have to knit an alternate option in Boutique and pass this along to my OTHER friend who just gave birth to a baby boy yesterday. Hmm.

I’m reading shine shine shine by Lydia Netzer. As you can see I’m about 32% into it. Still not sure exactly what the storyline is, but i am enjoying it so far 🙂 I’ll let you know more once I’m further along. In the meantime, you can check it out on amazon if you feel like it. 


WIP Wednesday: Something Silver


It’s time to begin the Veera Valimaki KAL over at 2012: A sweater odyssey. I chose to do something silver as i think it will be a good challenge (lace! easy lace!) and I think the light weight of the yarn and the silk content will make it good for summer, which is good as the deadline is july 1!


The yarn is elsebeth lavold Silky Wool. It is a very sticky yarn! But I like it. I decided to be totally un original and choose the exact same color veera used for her cardigan in the exact same yarn. I’m glad I did, I think it works well with the pattern so far. Which I am actually a few rows further into at this point as I have been knitting since taking these photos this morning.


So far I am really liking it. The pattern makes sense, but holy there are a lot of stitch markers! I’m using a very random assortment, I need to color code them like the pattern actually says. So this is my most important and loved wip at the moment ❤




Joining in for WIP wednesdays with Tami once again this week! She’s making some pretty socks this week 🙂

Snippet of Wednesday


I started my day off today with my first ever salad eaten for breakfast. Yeah I dunno I never do that but today I really wanted this salad. It’s avocado, mango, walnuts, and an olive oil/ lemon / walnut / s + p dressing. Super simple and quite good! I used less oil and it was still too much! I think I should have had more spinach but oh well. It filled me up for a long time. It’s the Mango and Walnut Salad from GreenKitchenStories.

I also continued knitting the Lapis as a good girl should. Although there’s just one thing…


I’m really running out of yarn! Good thing another cone is in the mail on it’s way here. Bad thing, it’s date for arrival is the deadline of this test knit! And oh my, guess what! I just checked the tracking online and it says they tried to deliver it to me today! Sweeeet. So glad I ordered it right when I did. This is the bonus of ordering from a canadian website, and actually why I went with elann in the first place!



I also got this in the mail today, which makes me very happy. The ipod case is adorable (owl!) and I love all of the buttons. I don’t have anything specific planned for even one of these buttons…but I don’t care. I wanted them. and I will find uses! These are from heydayhandmade


If you have any ideas of what patterns ANY of these would look good with…let me know!

owlmazing makes…a confession.

I am addicted to casting on. And having a bajillion WIPs at once. eeks!

I may also have a problem with stashing yarn but I think we’ll leave THAT discussion for another day…

I HAVE SO MANY PROJECTS GOING ON ITS CRAZY! I am making a statement: I WILL NOT cast on anything new until all this stuff is done! Or at least half. AND I am not including the mittens I need to cast on still and the larch cardigan for a KAL starting feb 1.

Lets do a tally, including those 2 things, shall we?

On the needles right now I have…

2 pairs of socks.
-mystery kal socks
– Soft cable socks

2 [PURPLE] sweater projects

-light weight

1 hat
– orchids and fairy lights

1 pair of mittens
thrummed mittens to cast on

1 blanket that I probably will never finish
– beekeepers

1 shawl that I need to frog (I’ll explain later)
knit 011
stripe study

So yeah. In total I have 8 things going on right now. And I’ve Casted off 2 things this new year. LMAO. Ok. Time to get this under control! I will not cast on anything else until this stuff is done! No more socks until both pairs can be worn. No more sweaters for a WHILE. No more hats or mittens until those are done too!

JUST NO MOOOOOOOOOOOOORE. I’m in that place where I need some FO’s in my life. Working on a kajillion things at once is not helping that. Not at all!

So if you see me posting here about casting on….hit me.

owlmazing makes…a KAL update!


Watch Out!


Originally I wound the skein up into 1 ball. After I finished knitting the first cuff I realized I wanted to start on the second cuff right away. It’s going to be way more fun to have a complete pair of socks at the end of the KAL rather than just 1.


I rolled half of it into a centre pull ball and got on with it!

I love the pattern already. The cuff is really unique and I keep wondering what it will be! To me it looks like a peace sign. Some people say tulip or leafy. I cannot wait until next clue!


I’m seriously in love with the yarn I am using too. It is soooo soft and such a lovely color. these photos are pretty accurate. The Yarn in Oceanwind Knits 100% merino sock in Tickled. It is smooshy and strong and beautiful and I love it! end of story.


guuuh. So pretty.