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Today I want to talk about my latest knitting lust! Because it is valentines day today is it not? and I wish I could give a valentine to this pattern. Yeahnoimnotkidding. In fact I’ve already even bought the pattern. heh. Oh, I guess I should mention the pattern. Mitered crosses by mason dixon knitting.

I’ve known about this pattern for a while but for some reason it only REALLY caught my eye last night. I was just like….I want this. I stayed up way way too late thinking about what yarns I could use for this baby.

At the moment I am still really not sure. I have a few ideas though. We shall see. I’m trying to NOT buy the yarn though because what the hell I am being so good and monogamous with my knitting right now its crazy. I think it would dangerous to introduce this into my life. I’ve been wanting to knit myself a blanket FOREVER but I just couldn’t decide on a pattern.

I’m going to be spending my valentines day dreaming about yarn combinations. (don’t tell chris! He’s at work, its not my fault 😉 )