Random knitting yoga pose


I have had a very active day today! I did a nice run in the fresh spring air (it’s going to rain so it smelt so good!) and then 45 minutes of yoga. I feel gooood. Later I am going hunting for fiddleheads in the forest with a friend and I’m hoping we might take a couple photos of the honey cowl for my FO Friday later.

In the meantime, I wanted to post this move that feels AMAZING on my shoulders and I think it’s because I use my hands so much knitting! It will feel SUPER good, i promise!


Just put your arms in front of you and put the right one over the left, and then entwine the forearms and clasp your palms together, pulling your arms forward slightly. It feels amazing! Do both sides. Give your back and shoulders a treat!


[ps. major progress is being made on something silver!]

WIP Wednesday: Something Silver


It’s time to begin the Veera Valimaki KAL over at 2012: A sweater odyssey. I chose to do something silver as i think it will be a good challenge (lace! easy lace!) and I think the light weight of the yarn and the silk content will make it good for summer, which is good as the deadline is july 1!


The yarn is elsebeth lavold Silky Wool. It is a very sticky yarn! But I like it. I decided to be totally un original and choose the exact same color veera used for her cardigan in the exact same yarn. I’m glad I did, I think it works well with the pattern so far. Which I am actually a few rows further into at this point as I have been knitting since taking these photos this morning.


So far I am really liking it. The pattern makes sense, but holy there are a lot of stitch markers! I’m using a very random assortment, I need to color code them like the pattern actually says. So this is my most important and loved wip at the moment ❤




Joining in for WIP wednesdays with Tami once again this week! She’s making some pretty socks this week 🙂

Matching my Knitting & a KAL


I match my knitting! Between the dress, the yarn, the stitch marker and my nails I had to take a photo. This photo is secretly a couple days old though, and this project is MUCH further along.

& I just want to let everyone know, we are doing a VEERA KAL at the 2012: a sweater odyssey group on ravelry. The idea is to knit 1 adult sized garment in 2 months. Last time we did Amy Christoffers which is why I now have a lovely larch. If anyone wants to join in come find us! Cast on date is may 1.

I’m still trying to decide between:
White Light
Before Dark
Something Silver

I’m starting to lean towards something silver because it is more summery and it’s an easy yarn choice (I’ll just use the elsebeth lavold silky wool used in the pattern). What do you guys think?

heheh. This honestly wasn’t on purpose which is why I think it’s awesome.

Have a great monday!