TUTORIAL: How to wash and dry your knits quickly!

Hey Guys!

So today I decided to share with you how I block and dry my knit items. I figured this will be EXTRA useful for my customers who don’t actually knit. I’m sure most of my fellow knitters know this trick! Let’s get started:


Fill up your sink with soapy luke warm water. I use a specific soap made for knits that doesn’t need to be rinsed. I use this but you could also use baby shampoo or a gentle soap or detergent. Also make sure your sink is clean! I have a second bathroom which is never used and that is my sink. I always cleanse it before I get washing.


Let them soak for 10 minutes. Then grab them out of the sink and try to pat out as much water as possible before transferring them to a clean towel, without wringing them which could cause them to become misshapen. 


Fold the towel over the item and pat to get out a bit of extra water.


Fold over the towel and wrap up like a burrito!!!!


Kneel on top of the folded towel to really press out the moisture from the knit item and into the towel. this will help them dry MUCH faster!


Tada! All squeezed out 🙂 You can see the rectangles of moisture where they were pressed.


Transfer to a dry towel and lay them flat. Depending on the item they may take varying amounts of time to dry.

And that’s it! It’s really easy and it will keep your items looking beautiful for a very long time.

Here’s a pinterest friendly photo for you!

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1st Sale!

I have been so busy the past week! I worked 6 days in a row on top of trying to do stuff for my shop, having a friend stay at my place, and trying to stay on top of everyday tasks. Today is my first day off, and I am so happy for it. SO happy.

I’m spending the day doing a crazy amount of dishes, cleaning up the house the best I can, and knitting like a mad woman! Maybe I’ll make some soup or something as well…that reminds me, I have a soup recipe to post! Another day.

Today I wanted to let you guys in on something really exciting. My shop made it’s first sale! It was quite exhilarating. Oddly enough I had a dream the night before that i would sell two things. I ended up selling 2 boot cuffs, so it’s kind of the same thing right?


In order to send it off I had to package it first of course. I wrapped it in 2 layers of tissue paper, 1 pink and 1 white with pink polka dots, added a special little treat, wrote the note and folded it all up. I then tied a bow around the bundle with some of the yarn the cuffs are made from. Slid that into a bubble mailer and we were good to go.


The next step is to print out the shipping label through paypal! I am super impressed with this service, i love it! It’s great. It even comes with tracking. I had major internet and printer issues during this time but in the end my boyfriend came through and fixed it for me :]

now i just have to wait for it to arrive. I sure hope my first customer enjoys it! It is very special to me. My work is all the way in the states now!

So far i am having a lot of fun with this little shop of mine and i want to stress that it really isn’t that hard to do! If anyone ever needs help just ask!

Speaking of which…Here are my shop’s 2 latest products.



Hey guys! It’s been a little while since my last post, but only because I have been VERY busy starting up something new and exciting.

Have you ever thought “how many knit hats does one girl really need?” I know both me and my boyfriend have many times. So I started thinking about possible solutions to this ‘issue’. And essentially what I came up with was…etsy. I decided to sell some finished products on etsy! {my shop is called sweet and salty knits}

Which led me to the next logical thought, which was “what will I sell?” I’m not interested in trying to sell products from other peoples designs so I knew right away I had to get started designing some new stuff pronto!

Which is what I will be sharing with you today 🙂 I thought I would show off my latest design because I think it is really fun!

XOXO fingerless gloves


I designed these gloves using knitpicks chroma in buttermint. This is my favourite colorway right now and I knew it would fit right in with the “sweet” side of my shop. I did a simple x’s and o’s cable down the middle and…tada!


These were quick and fun to make. I love the way they came out! Hopefully someone else does too. One day I might actually write out the pattern to share with all my knitters. Just wanted to let you guys know what’s up with me lately!


I might start writing about some of my experiences on etsy to help out anyone else who is interested in doing something similar with their knitting 🙂


{ps. i also designed a matching headband!}