Afterthought minties


This week it’s all about finishing up projects that I’ve left in the UFO status for way too long. These cute socks are an example of that! I cast these on in APRIL!

I stalled out because in order to finish them I had to undo 1 bind off and re-do it stretchy style. This plus not having done an afterthought heel before left me paralyzed state so to say. I left them so close to completion for months.

Well this week I decided enough is enough. I guess I am doing some ‘fall cleaning’. Either way I hauled these out to get er done. And you know what? It wasn’t that bad.


The yarn is knit picks felici in minty.. This is my go-to purse sock yarn because I can knit a cool stripe in totally plain colors and they will still look fun! I still have firefighter and hummingbird to knit, and I have a set of tyrian purple socks just waiting to have the ends sewn in later tonight!

These socks were knit by casting on 20 stitches for the toe, doing the standard increases, and doing an afterthought heel. I like how they turned out but I want to try a different style of afterthought heel next! i tagged them as a certain pattern on ravelry for ease, but I really just followed my go-to basic toe up sock pattern that’s in my head now.

I love them and wore them this a.m., but had to take them off as it’s gone up QUITE a lot to a pleasant 31 Celsius today. Now I’ll wave goodbye for now with my latest nails, done today based on this tutorial.


FO Friday: The socks are done!


Wow. Taking pictures of socks is hard. I decided to post some of my fails today to show you that yes, taking photos of your own feet is a challenge. And no, Chris cannot do it, he is never home during daylight!! At least not when I am.

Exhibit A: Cool. You got the light from the window. But…What kind of a chair cushion IS that? And is that coffee I see in the background? Mmm…Coffee. I mean, socks? what?

Exhibit B: Random poses. Feet need to longingly look out the window too, you know.

Exhibit C: Oh, hey chair leg, sup? And you, window curtain, how you liking it here in all my photos? Comfy? oh, good.

Finally I got so frustrated I threw my legs up into the sky and gave up. But then that looked ridiculous too.


The Pattern: I just did a plain version with increases up to 64 sts instead of 72 of this pattern. I also decreased to 60 on the leg.
The Yarn: Gray, Golden Yellow, and Pumpkin Self-Striping Superwash Merino Sock Yarn from AlaskanNancy
The Needles: Us size 1 / 2.25mm Chiagoo AMAZINGNESS
The Notes: Obviously I love these socks. I mean, they’ve totally taken over my entire blog for the past week. This yarn is the best. It is sooooo nice on the toes. The striping is amazing. I used pretty  much all of the 110g of yarn I had. I love how I was able to match up the stripes pretty much perfectly. It actually made it easy to replicate two almost identical socks because I could watch the striping around the heel and know exactly what to do next. I highly recommend Nancy’s shop, Fireweed Dyeworks. I knit these puppies up in 6 days!!!


I’m joining in with Tami for this weeks FO friday. Go check out her cute sweater and everyone else’s stuff! I see a night of blog reading and knitting larch sleeves in my future. The boyfriend ( or should I call him the DJ) is getting a new CDJ (like a turntable that uses CD’s instead of records) on his way home from work tonight so I am going to be left to my own devices. I like it.


Wip Wed: Stripey socks!!

I’m linking up with Tami once again for WIP Wednesdays. I am so pumped about this WIP!

sock! 001
Check out those matching up perfectly stripes why don’t ya?

My WIP this Wednesday makes me squee! there is something about striped socks that is so fun and addictive.

sock! 004
I’ve made it to the ribbing on one sock (waiting to finish just to make sure I weighed everything out right). This one was knit in about 3 days. I was just CONSUMED.

sock! 005

This one, I am about 10 stripes away from catching up! I think I’ve put in 2 or 3 days on this one? I know I cast on for the first on Friday. I wonder if I will be able to finish them in a week. Wouldn’t that be nuts?!

This yarn is dangerous. I am excited for Fireweed Dyeworks to reopen at the end of march but scared too! How will I knit ANYTHING else when there this ultra squishy and thick delicious yarn to be had. My poor larch is suffering dearly. I just want to finish these so I can stop neglecting it!

sock! 006
Eee! so close. The ball has shrunken very significantly. It’s look pretty unorganized. For some reason when I rewound the second ball it was really loose and almost the same size as the first one. Must have done the 1st a lot tighter. Oh well though!


(5 days ago, hehe!)

So now that you’ve seen my socks of love, go check out some other WIPS! dooo iiiittt.


Mail Bag

i love getting packages in the mail. LOVE.

This is why I have an addiction to etsy. Before I got back into knitting it was clothes… I NEED to have stuff coming to me in the mail! Otherwise why even check it? gosh. I just hate going to the box and thinking “hmm…what do i have coming? Nothing? AWWWWWWWWWW!” so I try to avoid that.

So of course I was VERY pleased when I saw there was a package in my box today! i like that the mailboxes in my apartment building are large enough that small flexible packages get delivered straight to there.


I got…more self striping sock yarn! From Fireweed Yarns. Because you can never have enough. I want to wind this up into a cake soooo badly but I am trying to restrain myself. These are going to be plain old stockinette stripey socks.


Oh my gosh, i suck! I left this post, and coming back two hours later, I have this to report:


Uuuhh yeah I couldnt resist! And then…



I love my larch but my eyes get color bored. This is fixing that. I’m going to try not to work on them TOO much but already the stripeyness is addictive. Completely and totally addictive. Yikes! better go start a new project page.

wip wed: knitter of epic proportions

Yesterday I felt like a SUPERSTAR! Seriously. all it took was a little messing up first!

You see, there is this amazingly beautiful (its totally the yarn, art-by-Ana sock garden) sock on my needles right now. It goes with me wherever I venture, which is mostly hour long bus rides to and from work. I’ve made huge progress on this thing in the past two weeks for NEVER touching it at home.


Well I guess maybe i shouldn’t have been knitting on the bus at 6 am the previous day because I miscrossed a cable! The horror! The worst part was that I did not notice until TWO cable repeats after. That’s like 14 rows people.

So on the way home I made a decision. I was going to isolate those 6 cable stitches and go back the fourteen rows to fix the cable. Oh yes I did. On the bus.


It was scary and I kind of felt regret when I first ripped it out. I mean that’s 6 stitches, down 14 rows. I’ve dropped down to fix mistakes before, sure, but only 1 stitch at a time, and a few rows down usually. This was…more daunting? All the strings were all crimpy and wiggly and all OVER the place!

In the end though, I did it! I think I maaaay have made one cable repeat 5 rows and one 7 instead of both 6, but in the end, it’s WAY less noticeable than a cable done wrong. I just wish I took a “before” picture. That was a little too much for the bus ride though.


And it only took 1 bus ride to fix it. You can see the stitches look a BIT uneven from it (wider) and i swear the very bottom one is the box must be only 5 rows long. but I’m hoping it will block out. Either way, I’m impressed by myself. I was really wishing Chris was a knitter so he would GET how epic it was. Alas, I just told him “I did something REALLY awesome today. what was it? Oh…um…just trust me. it was super cool”.

So that’s my WIP. I hope yours were less…trying. But equally rewarding! I’m heading over to Tami’s ami’s to check them out!


Ps. the pattern I’m following is Cabley Goodness.