Snippet of Wednesday


I started my day off today with my first ever salad eaten for breakfast. Yeah I dunno I never do that but today I really wanted this salad. It’s avocado, mango, walnuts, and an olive oil/ lemon / walnut / s + p dressing. Super simple and quite good! I used less oil and it was still too much! I think I should have had more spinach but oh well. It filled me up for a long time. It’s the Mango and Walnut Salad from GreenKitchenStories.

I also continued knitting the Lapis as a good girl should. Although there’s just one thing…


I’m really running out of yarn! Good thing another cone is in the mail on it’s way here. Bad thing, it’s date for arrival is the deadline of this test knit! And oh my, guess what! I just checked the tracking online and it says they tried to deliver it to me today! Sweeeet. So glad I ordered it right when I did. This is the bonus of ordering from a canadian website, and actually why I went with elann in the first place!



I also got this in the mail today, which makes me very happy. The ipod case is adorable (owl!) and I love all of the buttons. I don’t have anything specific planned for even one of these buttons…but I don’t care. I wanted them. and I will find uses! These are from heydayhandmade


If you have any ideas of what patterns ANY of these would look good with…let me know!

owlmazing makes…a mish mash post.

Ahh I feel like I am all over the place today! Let’s just see here…

I got an amazing package in the mail yesterday! I ordered a kit for thrummed mittens from Moonlightandlaughter on etsy. I chose to get a beautiful buttery yellow yarn and brown alpaca and wool fibre for the thrumms! I will be following the pattern provided, not the one I linked above, just so you know as well 🙂

The whole package all wrapped up.



Preeettttty. This is hand dyed merino and mohair yarn. looove it! Can’t wait to get started!


The package also contained some other special goodies. The fiber, which is alpaca and wool, came in 4 small puffs. still not sure if I know how to properly “thrumm” exactly but we shall see! This is my first time ever getting to play with anything that isn’t spun before!


The bundle itself was tied with a matching brown ribbon and in the bow was a cute firefly stitch marker. I love it! Also there was this beautiful and lovely smelling lavender sachet. The extra touches made it extra special! She also included and hand written card and a nice little packet of chocolate treats!


sorry….it’s just so pretty. I love the almost auburn color of this stuff! SO MUCH!

So overall I am super happy with my order. Go check out Moonlightandlaughter’s etsy shop! She has some really beautiful stuff. And this package I bought was definitely reasonably priced!


Secondly, Blogger is irritating me very much right now! I keep trying to comment on the blogger blogs I read and it tells me that the little verification code you need to use is ALWAYS wrong! They really aren’t hard to read…I can’t figure it out!


right? I’m not crazy….all of those got rejected. It happens every time. I must be insane because I keep trying and it NEVER works! Is anyone else who uses wordpress but comments on blogger blogs having this issue? Sigh.

That’s all. This afternoon i am going to head to knit knackers and pick up some DPNS for the mittens, and maybe some other stuff toooo….you never know 😉 I am weak. Very weak.

owlmazing makes…purchases she shouldn’t have!

I am a very bad girl!

Yesterday I stumbled upon Jared Flood’s latest lookbook, Wool People Vol. 2. OH MY.

First let me just say that I am in love with Jared. So madly in love. He is my idol. I want to BE him. Or marry him. Let him clothe me in his patterns and yarns. Or SOMETHING. Maybe steal his brain?

The first pattern I knit of his was the Romney Kerchief. I love it and so do my friends. They think it is gorgeous! Guys and Girls alike want their own. Jared’s pattern was easy to follow and fun to knit. It left me wanting more, more, MOREEEEE!


And so when I fell in love with Norby, and with 34th & 8th mittens, there was nothing I could do. I was POWERLESS in the face of this beauty. Plus Gudrun Johnson (designer of norby) is just awesome, and of course I love my spillyjane. Represent Canada, Girl! You rock. And so…


I was bad. Very bad. Or very good. Oh so very wonderful. I will have a norby knit from postcard and matching mittens from postcard and plume. Oh it WILL be beautiful. I am so excited to try out LOFT!

Never mind the fact that I have muuultiple projects on the needles RIGHT NOW and that I still owe Chris gloves, and must purchase more yarn and needles by the end of the day. Never mind all of that completely. Instead…

Let’s just drool over this a liiiiitle more.



Now go indulge yourself like I just did 🙂