Life Update


Oh my, what a couple of weeks it has been. I’ve been knitting a lot but posting like nothing to my shop whatsoever. Whoops. At least my Facebook page has generated a few sales though! Thank goodness.

As you all know it was recently Halloween, so I thought I would share the pumpkins Chris and I carved this year first!


Chris’s awesome Dracula pumpkin


my not-so-awesome “haunted tree” LOL! I was using a big knife because Chris broke 1 of the carvers and I messed up sooo bad. It does look like a monster or SOMETHING though, at least!


we carved this mini one together. It’s a bit less scary than the others but I LOVE it!


We of course made roasted sunflower seeds too! I roasted them in coconut oil, I’m obsessed with it! So good and so good for you. And it helps things not stick! It is AMAZING with sweet potato fries…you wouldn’t believe the difference it makes. These also have Hawaiian sea salt and some lemon and herb chicken spices on them 🙂 They turned out great.

A bunch of other stuff was going on but I won’t get into it. Instead I will just share 1 knitting photograph with you. These are the bumble bee inspired mittens I’m knitting for a friend after she liked my facebook page!


I just have the second thumb and ends to weave in and then I’m finished! I’m thinking I might post this pattern because it is simple and cute! We shall see 🙂

FO Friday: Cheery Men Mittens

love to my bloggy friends ❤

Okay it is finally time for me to show off this FO. For some reason(s), like being sick, being away, being lazy, etc. I have never shown a full photo of these! Which is a shame because they are full of happy. In fact, I named them Cheery Men mittens! 1. They are cheery. 2. The yarn is called noro chirimen which I just though was really cute.


It’s a good thing too, because I was feeling like a major grump before writing this. I have so. much. bus. rage. I know I should just let those things go but…URHGHGHGH have some common decency people! It’s not that hard. Anyways I’m getting way off track, as usual…


The pattern is Camp Out fingerless mitts. I love this pattern! I could see myself making…hundreds of these. It’s crazy. Although after my second pair (which I’ve been like 5 rows away from finishing I’m going to take a wee break from them.

The yarn is Noro Chirimen as I mentioned earlier. It is a silk wool cotton blend, and actually quite soft. I find Chirimen is less scratchy than say…Kureyon. Which I like. I find it weird that Chirimen is MUCH less popular…a whopping 700 projects on ravelry versus 35,000. & 1 online buying option as opposed to 19. It’s weird. and although this is a “dk” i say it knits up like a worsted, and some spots are definitely aran or heavier.

also, as you can see, 1 skein contains a variety of crazy colors. Sometimes I can’t believe these mitts are from the same skein.

but they are.




I knit these puppies up according to pattern on a size 6. I highly highly recommend the pattern to everyone! I get cold hands knitting / typing which causes them to get sore really quickly. These solve that issue for me!

I ❤ them.

& I ❤ all of your projects too, so I’m going over to Tami’s now to check em all out!


Wips of glory


This is one of my WIPs this week! YEAH! Today my goal is to work on weaving in ends and hopefully finish that by this evening. At six I am going with my mom to buy needles I need for the lapis so I want to have this done so I can start Lapis right away with no guilt necessary! The KAL’s goal was to finish by the 31st of march so I am golden, and really happy with that. I started this on February 8th. Not too shabby.

I am so happy that it looks okay. It definitely differs from the original pattern but in the end it worked. The extra collar stitches I worked made it form a more circular neckline, which is fine with me. I’m so happy, I keep jumping up and down (not kidding). This is my first cardigan and wow, it fits BEAUTIFULLY! If i do say so myself.

I have two other things I’ve been working on today though. 1 is another  pair of Camp Out Mitts. Yes, I’ve already finished the first and not even shown them to you yet!


I knit my first pair up in 2 days but the colors are NUTS! I love them for at home but not for at work, where i dress more…professionally than rainbow. So I cast these on so that I can have them as my travel knitting (Lapis is worked off a huge cone,  not practical) and in about 30 minutes I’ve almost finished the top band. Love it. I’m going to do a post with both pairs though so here’s just a sneak peak of the other pair:

Crazy right?

My other WIP is of course the Lapis. I finally found that size 5 needles get me gauge and I decided to go with the red yarn I bought, which is elann Soie Bambou. I am slightly paranoid about yardage (it only came in giant cones) so I keep checking the stock on the website 😛 there was 19 left when I ordered and still 17 now so I think I will be okay IF I need to order more.


I did a circular swatch so my gauge for in the round would be accurate, although honestly my flat / round stockinette hardly differs at all in tension. The silver yarn is very flashy but I think the red has it’s own sort of luminescence as well. I like the slightly tighter fabric of the red and I think it is a bit more similar to Kessa’s original yarn choice so I’ve decided that’s the one I will be using. I’m naming my project Ruby or Garnet, to go with the theme of Kessa’s Lapis title.

WHEW! Okay, so that’s what I’m working on. I think I’ve got to start posting about things in their own posts and more frequently, instead of a couple of times a week I just dump project on you. Whoops!

Go check out everyone else’s too, of course, at Tami’s Amis.


owlmazing makes…a mish mash post.

Ahh I feel like I am all over the place today! Let’s just see here…

I got an amazing package in the mail yesterday! I ordered a kit for thrummed mittens from Moonlightandlaughter on etsy. I chose to get a beautiful buttery yellow yarn and brown alpaca and wool fibre for the thrumms! I will be following the pattern provided, not the one I linked above, just so you know as well 🙂

The whole package all wrapped up.



Preeettttty. This is hand dyed merino and mohair yarn. looove it! Can’t wait to get started!


The package also contained some other special goodies. The fiber, which is alpaca and wool, came in 4 small puffs. still not sure if I know how to properly “thrumm” exactly but we shall see! This is my first time ever getting to play with anything that isn’t spun before!


The bundle itself was tied with a matching brown ribbon and in the bow was a cute firefly stitch marker. I love it! Also there was this beautiful and lovely smelling lavender sachet. The extra touches made it extra special! She also included and hand written card and a nice little packet of chocolate treats!


sorry….it’s just so pretty. I love the almost auburn color of this stuff! SO MUCH!

So overall I am super happy with my order. Go check out Moonlightandlaughter’s etsy shop! She has some really beautiful stuff. And this package I bought was definitely reasonably priced!


Secondly, Blogger is irritating me very much right now! I keep trying to comment on the blogger blogs I read and it tells me that the little verification code you need to use is ALWAYS wrong! They really aren’t hard to read…I can’t figure it out!


right? I’m not crazy….all of those got rejected. It happens every time. I must be insane because I keep trying and it NEVER works! Is anyone else who uses wordpress but comments on blogger blogs having this issue? Sigh.

That’s all. This afternoon i am going to head to knit knackers and pick up some DPNS for the mittens, and maybe some other stuff toooo….you never know 😉 I am weak. Very weak.