FO: Garnet


It’s done! And I got a bunch of outdoors photographs 🙂 I seriously worked my BUTT off to get these pictures!

First I spent 40 minutes walking to and from the park to realize I had forgotten my memory card at home. URGH. So I walk allll the way back. Then it’s either ridiculously cloudy or ridiculously sunny all the time. Did I mention I don’t have a tripod? I was setting my camera wherever I could think of…benches, trees, on the ground, on old stumps, etc. Then there was the issue of having the camera focus on what I wanted it to while I was not actually in the frame yet. Let me just tell you this whole ordeal took me about 3 hours!!!

I think it was worth it though. These are a couple of bench set photos.

This one involved setting my camera on top of my purse on the ground and then wiggling away from it for the shot.


This top is just awesome though (if i do say so myself). I am in love with it. I love the color, I love the texture of the fabric, I love the fit, the look, everything!!!

I think you all know the pattern by now, it’s Kessa’s Lapis! This is a pattern for a beautiful summer top that you can wear out and about or to the office. I would probably wear it like so:


Minus the jeans. I love you guys but there was no way I was changing pants along the parkway with cars and busses and bikers and walkers passing me all the time 😉

This is a great pattern because at the beginning it has a lot of interest and a very cool construction but eventually you get to move straight into plain stockinette. The directions are very well written and any questions that came up, the schematic pretty much solved right away! I am NOT a crocheter and had no problem doing the crochet required for this knit. I had a lot of fun knitting this 🙂 It was quick too! Under a month from start to finish.

back/side views

Let me give you some stats in case you are curious, and also feel free to check out the project page on ravelry:


The Yarn is’s Soie Bambou. This is the first yarn I have pruchased from elann and it is really good actually! They have incredibly reasonable prices too. a 227gm cone was 28 bucks!!! It is a 60% silk 40% bamboo blend. So far i have not experienced any unwanted stretching! I used 2 cones…but only 30 of 227gms of the second cone. Needless to say I have TONS left.

The needles were size 000 addi turbos lace needles and size 5 knitpicks harmonies. The seed stitch was a bit difficult at first on such small needles but i got used to it pretty quickly.

The notes can be found on my project page. I hardly altered anything at all!

The buttons are still MIA! Although they have been shipped, and if you are curious, these are them.


overall, I’m in love! My boyfriend says it looks sexy so i think that’s a good sign. A friend I showed it to (who has “no patience” for knitting) told me she couldn’t even tell it was knit! So I think its a win. This thing is awesome. I’m really proud to have 2 full sized garment under my belt now!

Go check out Kessa’s Lapis Pattern now!

And everyone else’s FO’s at Tami’s too of course. today she is showing off soooo much yarn, jealous! I just ordered a skein from her though…woohoo!


Snippet of Wednesday


I started my day off today with my first ever salad eaten for breakfast. Yeah I dunno I never do that but today I really wanted this salad. It’s avocado, mango, walnuts, and an olive oil/ lemon / walnut / s + p dressing. Super simple and quite good! I used less oil and it was still too much! I think I should have had more spinach but oh well. It filled me up for a long time. It’s the Mango and Walnut Salad from GreenKitchenStories.

I also continued knitting the Lapis as a good girl should. Although there’s just one thing…


I’m really running out of yarn! Good thing another cone is in the mail on it’s way here. Bad thing, it’s date for arrival is the deadline of this test knit! And oh my, guess what! I just checked the tracking online and it says they tried to deliver it to me today! Sweeeet. So glad I ordered it right when I did. This is the bonus of ordering from a canadian website, and actually why I went with elann in the first place!



I also got this in the mail today, which makes me very happy. The ipod case is adorable (owl!) and I love all of the buttons. I don’t have anything specific planned for even one of these buttons…but I don’t care. I wanted them. and I will find uses! These are from heydayhandmade


If you have any ideas of what patterns ANY of these would look good with…let me know!

Missing in Action

Hello. It’s been almost a week since I posted! Wow. I don’t know why that is. Actually I think I do.

Maybe it’s because what I’m mainly working on is my test knit for Kessa. I don’t want to give much away so I will just show you this:


Prettty red. It’s actually extremely cloudy out right now so this photo reflects that a lot. I have a feeling by the time I’m done this we should have nice weather again though, so I’m not worried.

It’s also because I have had a really busy week! This week in Ottawa has been EXTREMELY weird weather wise. It has been 25 – 30 degrees Celsius every day! IN MARCH! That’s like 86 degrees Fahrenheit I think? In CANADA. March. For comparison, last year it was like a snow blizzard here this week haha. It’s odd. But we aren’t complaining (although it does worry me).

First, St. Pattys day was awesome! Chris is a DJ / Promoter and he threw a really fun show on Saturday at a nice little bar we’d never been to before. I had a really good time! Of course I worked the next day, which was much less fun.

Then I had more work, and a french class. Last night I went out for dinner and sangria with my best friend at the blue cactus. It was delicious! I love sangria.


Tonight, I’m so excited, we are going to Montreal! We are going to a show at the Belmont, Andy C is here!!! He is an amazing drum and bass DJ, in fact “Winner of the 2011 DRUM n BASS Arena Awards for BEST DJ” which is pretty awesome. I saw him at WEMF(world electronic music festival) last summer and he was SO good. Best DJ all weekend. I love him. LOVE. So to be going out of town, with my bestie, and her other best friend who lives in mtl, for a girly night dancing and partying at an amazing venue to one of my favourite DJ’s…yeah I’m excited.


REALLY EXCITED. poor Chris can’t come, but hey, that’s because he works a nice Monday to Friday job. This is my 1 benefit EVER of working weekends, ha!

So yeah. That’s Sweet. AND THEN, tomorrow, I’m seeing hunger games! Also very exciting. the trailer gave me chills! I think it’s going to be amazing. When I read the book a couple of years ago, I loved them and ripped right through them so fast. I’m excited for this one, and the next 2 as well!

So, a busy week. But a good one. I’m going to keep knit knit knitting on that lapis on the car ride to Montréal today 🙂

okay okay, ONE last thing…guess what! I just bought the gorgeous new colorway “well preserved” from the plucky knitter. LOOK AT THIS LOVELYNESS. I set a timer for noon so I would not miss it. I’m glad because 15 minutes later I checked and they were all gone. Score.

Wips of glory


This is one of my WIPs this week! YEAH! Today my goal is to work on weaving in ends and hopefully finish that by this evening. At six I am going with my mom to buy needles I need for the lapis so I want to have this done so I can start Lapis right away with no guilt necessary! The KAL’s goal was to finish by the 31st of march so I am golden, and really happy with that. I started this on February 8th. Not too shabby.

I am so happy that it looks okay. It definitely differs from the original pattern but in the end it worked. The extra collar stitches I worked made it form a more circular neckline, which is fine with me. I’m so happy, I keep jumping up and down (not kidding). This is my first cardigan and wow, it fits BEAUTIFULLY! If i do say so myself.

I have two other things I’ve been working on today though. 1 is another  pair of Camp Out Mitts. Yes, I’ve already finished the first and not even shown them to you yet!


I knit my first pair up in 2 days but the colors are NUTS! I love them for at home but not for at work, where i dress more…professionally than rainbow. So I cast these on so that I can have them as my travel knitting (Lapis is worked off a huge cone,  not practical) and in about 30 minutes I’ve almost finished the top band. Love it. I’m going to do a post with both pairs though so here’s just a sneak peak of the other pair:

Crazy right?

My other WIP is of course the Lapis. I finally found that size 5 needles get me gauge and I decided to go with the red yarn I bought, which is elann Soie Bambou. I am slightly paranoid about yardage (it only came in giant cones) so I keep checking the stock on the website 😛 there was 19 left when I ordered and still 17 now so I think I will be okay IF I need to order more.


I did a circular swatch so my gauge for in the round would be accurate, although honestly my flat / round stockinette hardly differs at all in tension. The silver yarn is very flashy but I think the red has it’s own sort of luminescence as well. I like the slightly tighter fabric of the red and I think it is a bit more similar to Kessa’s original yarn choice so I’ve decided that’s the one I will be using. I’m naming my project Ruby or Garnet, to go with the theme of Kessa’s Lapis title.

WHEW! Okay, so that’s what I’m working on. I think I’ve got to start posting about things in their own posts and more frequently, instead of a couple of times a week I just dump project on you. Whoops!

Go check out everyone else’s too, of course, at Tami’s Amis.