Hey guys! It’s been a little while since my last post, but only because I have been VERY busy starting up something new and exciting.

Have you ever thought “how many knit hats does one girl really need?” I know both me and my boyfriend have many times. So I started thinking about possible solutions to this ‘issue’. And essentially what I came up with was…etsy. I decided to sell some finished products on etsy! {my shop is called sweet and salty knits}

Which led me to the next logical thought, which was “what will I sell?” I’m not interested in trying to sell products from other peoples designs so I knew right away I had to get started designing some new stuff pronto!

Which is what I will be sharing with you today 🙂 I thought I would show off my latest design because I think it is really fun!

XOXO fingerless gloves


I designed these gloves using knitpicks chroma in buttermint. This is my favourite colorway right now and I knew it would fit right in with the “sweet” side of my shop. I did a simple x’s and o’s cable down the middle and…tada!


These were quick and fun to make. I love the way they came out! Hopefully someone else does too. One day I might actually write out the pattern to share with all my knitters. Just wanted to let you guys know what’s up with me lately!


I might start writing about some of my experiences on etsy to help out anyone else who is interested in doing something similar with their knitting 🙂


{ps. i also designed a matching headband!}