Delicious Sangria, no Rubbish Mojitos please!


Hey my lovelies 🙂 Guess what! I have a pretty FO for you! The above photo is to show how I wear it. It can also be worn beanie style but that is not flattering on me, AT ALL (trust me…i don’t even want to share THOSE photos.) Please forgive the processing but i took that photo no makeup at 7:30 am…it was neccessary 😉

I guess I knit this for the ravellenics, although I didn’t enter it or anything. I did cast on and off while watching the olympics though! I think I did anyways 😛 Synchronized swimming, track, and gymnastics REPRESENT! haha.

Delicious Sangria.


This is my first Woolly Wormhead (Rubbish Mojitos) pattern and I am hooked! I mean, how cute is this? I’m in love with my spiral hat 🙂 It’s knit out of Tanis Fiber Arts too so of course it looks gorgeous. It’s some of the nicest yarn I’ve used. I love that Tanis is from Montreal too! I like supporting local(ish) businesses when I can.


This was a pretty easy knit and it turned out lovely, so I would definitely recommend it! Now i need to make something matching with all the leftover yarn I have 🙂

owlmazing makes…many FO’s

Only 1 of them knitting though. The other things I’ve finished today are:

– sweeping
– cleaning the bedroom
– dishes
– grocery shopping
– laundry

We are having chris’s parents and sister + her boyfriend over for dinner tonight so I’ve been in a bit of a cleaning frenzy you might say. Mostly just things that needed to be done so now they are DONE! Taco night with the family may ensuuuue!

I also have something much more exciting than housework to share…

Amazon Stripe Beanie! Yay it’s done! I actually finished it last thursday but I thought I would save it for this week since I know I am going Larch crazy over here, I am in the black hole of stockinette right now, agghhh!!!


The Pattern: Amazon Stripe beanie by Elisa McLaughlin
The Yarn: Malabrigo merino worsted in water green
The needles: US size 9 and 10.5
The notes: I was sceptical while I was knitting this that it was going to be TOO long but in the end it worked out just fine. I looooove this hat and I think it is the most flattering one I have made so far for myself. I am GOING to make more! I think some pretty hand spun (not by me of course) would be perrrfect, and in fact there is a hand spun version included in the pattern, awesome! I can’t wait to make many more and I love the construction. I used the braided piece to thread through the hat instead of a piece of yarn though.

My Pattern Page

What did you guys finish?!?! I’m going to head over to Tami’s ami’s to check out the other FO’s before dinner. I have a feeew more me minutes!


owlmazing makes…more hats!


I’m joining in for the yarn along with ginny this week. I cast on this hat yesterday. The pattern is amazon striped beanie. It is growing like a weed!! Which is good because I need the cord for my larch cardigan! The wool came in the mail today and I realised I had used the cord I needed to magic loop this hat.


I know I can do it so I am not too concerned. I am swatching and then washing it before I can get started on Larch in earnest so I hope that’s enough time! I’m already about 40% done this hat by now anyways. Chris asked me last night “don’t you have enough hats?!” so I think this will be my last cast on for a hat for a bit. I know my Larch will take over anyways!


I am also reading the 4th book in the song of ice and fire series now. The book is called a feast for crows. The whole series is awesome, a series about kings, queens, monsters, imps, wolves, dragons and gold.
It’s very political (who should rein the realm?) but very touching as well. You really can relate with some of the characters very deeply, and also despise others. I recommend them all. I haven’t read a single other thing since starting this series….5000 pages ago. Yeah. I’m obsessed. I’m going to be really sad when I get to the end of the published books! 😦

What are you working on/reading this wednesday?


owlmazing makes…orchids and fairy lights.

Woop! i can’t believe I am able to post my WIP wed and my FO fri with the same object. Somehow writing about how slow it was going allowed me to speed up like crazy. Last night I was simply DETERMINED to finish the hat and I did!030-1

The Pattern: Orchids and Fairy Lights by Tiny Owl Knits aka Stephanie


The Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Periwinkle, 21gms left over.


The Needles: Size US 7 circular needle, 32”, worked in magic loop

My project Page

The Notes: I love the way the final product turned out but I must say by the end of it i was definitely getting sick of the cables! My hands were craving stockinette. It doesn’t help that I’m doing another project (2012 KK Mystery socks) and they include the same design elements – bobble and 1/1 cables! In the end I really like it but I may not make it again for quite some time. I definitely think every girl needs 1 though! ❤ So warm and fuzzy, the yarn also helped the stitches be really defined and beautiful.043-1
Skills Gained: Magic Loop.


That’s it! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I am going out to dinner with my parents and brother / our respective boyfriend & girlfriend for my birthday dinner. Technically my birthday is a week away, but we are doing something special for ym bday weekend! So dinner tonight it is 🙂 I’m not getting any gifts today but that’s fine, it’s going to be delicious food and a fun night!

Check out the other finished objects from this week at Tami’s Amis.


owlmazing makes…a declaration of LOVE!

Dear Malabrigo….

I love you. SO much.


You are soft, and squishy, and buttery and just amazing. You will keep me warm through my cold canadian winter and I’ll look good being warm too!


This week my main focus is my orchids and fairy lights hat. I thought it would go a lot faster than it is, after norby! I though oooh it’s a bigger gauge, less stitches to deal with, it will be even shorter than 4 days!

Yeah, no. Cables and bobbles make that not happen. Sometimes I will do my whole 40 minute bus ride and only finish ONE round! And yes, I am using a cable needle on the bus. Lord know what I am thinking. Now that I’ve completed two repeats though it is picking up speed as i remember the stitch pattern a lot better.


Even so I really don’t care because this malabrigo yarn is just so amazing. I AM IN LOVE PEOPLE!!! It is so awesome. I have definitely heard all the hype about malabrigo but knitting it is just another story. Last night in the shower I was thinking “hmmm….I think I need a malabrigo hat in every color available” seriously.


I probably shouldn’t go anywhere near my LYS that carries malabrigo…bad things might happen! As I tell the girls at the LYS all the time….”I am weak”.

What are you working on!? 😉


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