Wips of glory


This is one of my WIPs this week! YEAH! Today my goal is to work on weaving in ends and hopefully finish that by this evening. At six I am going with my mom to buy needles I need for the lapis so I want to have this done so I can start Lapis right away with no guilt necessary! The KAL’s goal was to finish by the 31st of march so I am golden, and really happy with that. I started this on February 8th. Not too shabby.

I am so happy that it looks okay. It definitely differs from the original pattern but in the end it worked. The extra collar stitches I worked made it form a more circular neckline, which is fine with me. I’m so happy, I keep jumping up and down (not kidding). This is my first cardigan and wow, it fits BEAUTIFULLY! If i do say so myself.

I have two other things I’ve been working on today though. 1 is another  pair of Camp Out Mitts. Yes, I’ve already finished the first and not even shown them to you yet!


I knit my first pair up in 2 days but the colors are NUTS! I love them for at home but not for at work, where i dress more…professionally than rainbow. So I cast these on so that I can have them as my travel knitting (Lapis is worked off a huge cone,  not practical) and in about 30 minutes I’ve almost finished the top band. Love it. I’m going to do a post with both pairs though so here’s just a sneak peak of the other pair:

Crazy right?

My other WIP is of course the Lapis. I finally found that size 5 needles get me gauge and I decided to go with the red yarn I bought, which is elann Soie Bambou. I am slightly paranoid about yardage (it only came in giant cones) so I keep checking the stock on the website 😛 there was 19 left when I ordered and still 17 now so I think I will be okay IF I need to order more.


I did a circular swatch so my gauge for in the round would be accurate, although honestly my flat / round stockinette hardly differs at all in tension. The silver yarn is very flashy but I think the red has it’s own sort of luminescence as well. I like the slightly tighter fabric of the red and I think it is a bit more similar to Kessa’s original yarn choice so I’ve decided that’s the one I will be using. I’m naming my project Ruby or Garnet, to go with the theme of Kessa’s Lapis title.

WHEW! Okay, so that’s what I’m working on. I think I’ve got to start posting about things in their own posts and more frequently, instead of a couple of times a week I just dump project on you. Whoops!

Go check out everyone else’s too, of course, at Tami’s Amis.


Larch Lundi

Today I am feeling rather sick so I’ve spent the morning on the couch, watching the downton abbey season 2 finale (omg yaaaay!! 🙂 ) sipping ice water and eating this:

French toast with raspberries and peachy deliciousness.


I’ve also been plugging away on larch. I am doing a test knit for Kessa (see it here, isn’t it beautiful? Can’t wait to get the pattern and the yarn, and get started!) soon, so I’m trying to focus EVERYTHING on this Larch before I am able to start Lapis. I really want to finish Larch within the march 31st goal but also want to totally dedicate to the Lapis once I get started. Luckily the sleeves are great travel knitting, so that’s really helping! I still guess I have about a week before I start the test knit so I’m going to try and do this. The first sleeve took about 3 – 4 days so you never know, I might make it! Do you think I could start on the front ribbing before I finish the second sleeve?

[Back & front. I love the conveniently placed marker i haven’t bother to cut off yet haha. I haven’t blocked anything yet so it’s rolling a lot but you get the idea.]

So, progress since last week:

  • finished back, did shoulder shaping, and did the 3 needle bind off (my first time – holy crap, its magic!)
  • Started and completed 1st sleeve
  • Finished ribbing of 2nd sleeve


I think I did pretty well. Finishing my socks of love really helped get me back in the mindset to work on the larch. Now with everything being so close to finishing, and Threadpanda being DONE her larch, i feel like I really should catch up! With that in mind, maybe I should get back to knitting! 😉

My project page: Larch.

owlmazing makes…21st birthday goals!

So OMG first of all let me just say I have missed blogging this week so much! Unfortunately for me (kinda) I’ve worked 8hr shifts every day since saturday! 6 days in a row is too many. Add a french class on top of that and I was just done. No daylight time to take pictures and no brain capacity to write anything at all!

I want to make some ‘goals’ for myself for MY coming year. Tomorrow is my 21st birthday. So in between 21 and 22, here’s what I want to accomplish, knitting wise.

(one of my favorite photos of me at age 20 – taken only last week! I think?)

1. Knit 7 pairs of socks. (1 for each day of the week)
Should be do able, I already have 2 pairs on the go with 1 sock done (or at the toe) for both of them. Next pair I want to cast on is: Free Bees. I have two skeins of gorgeous yellow cashmere that is meant to be these socks. They are toe up so I’m just going to make them as long as the cashmerey goodness allows for.

2. Learn to knit socks toe up.
See above. 😛

3. Finish a sweater!!!
I’m hoping I will at least finish Larch and the Lightweight Pullover, if not MORE. (I’m feeling ambitious I guess?)

4. Knit something lacey.
Honestly I’ve never really knit much lace, must add that to the repertoire. Any Pattern suggestions?

5. I have this grandoise plan to knit 5 different malabrigo hats and then create a cowl like the ships and seaside cowl out of the remnants so I will have limitless hats and a cozy cowl to match them all. I already bought the yarn…it’s in the mail.

periwinkle has already been knit. I’m thinking of purchasing either pigeon or purl to be the major color of the cowl with stripes of each. 1 hat I know I’m making is the amazon stripe beanie.

6. Have fun!
Knitting is my hobby, my passion, and my ‘relaxer’ (NOT ALWAYS 😛 ). I want to knit and be merry.

This weekend I have some awesome plans for my birthday. Can’t wait to share them later! Hope everyone has a fantabulous weekend 😀