1st Sale!

I have been so busy the past week! I worked 6 days in a row on top of trying to do stuff for my shop, having a friend stay at my place, and trying to stay on top of everyday tasks. Today is my first day off, and I am so happy for it. SO happy.

I’m spending the day doing a crazy amount of dishes, cleaning up the house the best I can, and knitting like a mad woman! Maybe I’ll make some soup or something as well…that reminds me, I have a soup recipe to post! Another day.

Today I wanted to let you guys in on something really exciting. My shop made it’s first sale! It was quite exhilarating. Oddly enough I had a dream the night before that i would sell two things. I ended up selling 2 boot cuffs, so it’s kind of the same thing right?


In order to send it off I had to package it first of course. I wrapped it in 2 layers of tissue paper, 1 pink and 1 white with pink polka dots, added a special little treat, wrote the note and folded it all up. I then tied a bow around the bundle with some of the yarn the cuffs are made from. Slid that into a bubble mailer and we were good to go.


The next step is to print out the shipping label through paypal! I am super impressed with this service, i love it! It’s great. It even comes with tracking. I had major internet and printer issues during this time but in the end my boyfriend came through and fixed it for me :]

now i just have to wait for it to arrive. I sure hope my first customer enjoys it! It is very special to me. My work is all the way in the states now!

So far i am having a lot of fun with this little shop of mine and i want to stress that it really isn’t that hard to do! If anyone ever needs help just ask!

Speaking of which…Here are my shop’s 2 latest products.