owlmazing makes…a complete beekeeper’s update!


Check out them puffs! I have officially semi stuffed them and kitchenered those puffies up! I love how they look altogether, but I can’t wait to get even more colors going on. I have tons of pinks and blues in my possession currently, and I need to round that out. I’m going for both pale an rich puffs in all colors, no idea how to arrange them yet. I have a couple ideas:

1. Arrange them in a sort of fading way, where similar colors fade from one edge of the blanket into other colors to the other edge, sort of like pinks going into purples going into blues , greens, yellows, etc. Rainbow-esque?

2. arrange them willy nilly according to my own personal tastes.

I’m not buying all of the yarn I need for it at once because I want to sort of pick as time goes on based on what colors I feel need to fill it out. I do have a big order I got from Exchanging Fire on Etsy though!


I was soooo excited to get these because I have had a pretty limited supply leading up to this. You can tell by all the pale pink puffs I have! Yeesh!


I ordered the Tickle Me Pink 6 set and got the above. There is some blue moon socks that rock in there, with some cashmere, Louet, South west Trading company, etc. They are all catalogues in my stash. One of my favourite things is that I get to try out all of these great yarns I have heard of before on podcasts or by other means, without having to shell out a lot of money.


I also picked up the Winter Wonderland bunch. These included Dream in Color Smooshy yarn, a sparkly one, some regia, wollmeise, etc. I like that she included some darker, some lighter, some variegated and some solids, a really good mix. Perfect for my uses 🙂 There are a couple minis not pictured because I already started knitting on them. They are the blue puffs below. oddly 1 of them is not in the photo…hmmm! I think it may be buried!


I still haven’t decided how best to attach them so keep an eye out for that 🙂

aaaaaaaaand on a slightly different note, look! :


I finished moms socks! Better pictures and more explanation tomorrow 🙂 I’m just super happy with them, first ever finished pair of socks 😀

Owlmazing makes…socks.

Hello there. Before I begin I think I should say a little about myself. I am a 20 year old girl living in Ottawa, Canada. I have been knitting since I was about 13 and consider myself ‘adventurous’ when it comes down to it. I love to try new techniques and I actually taught myself how to knit so I’m not afraid to search for the answers. I love to create and always am either cooking, writing, knitting, sewing, painting, or doing some other sort of creative hobby. I took about a year off of knitting and just recently came back to it. I will post about some of my recent creations later on. I am writing this blog to share my creative side! I also love photography so it is the perfect fit.

You can find me on ravelry here.

To start this off I am just going to show you what I worked on today. Today is my weekend so I knit this surprise blanket square up…



The true color is somewhere between the two photos. This is Cascade 220 superwash.

bee 004

I’m also knitting edwardian boating socks for my mom for christmas. I am knitting them in misti alpaca which is SO incredibly soft. This is my second pair of socks ever…to me they look like art. I can’t believe my hands are making them.

bee 005

Finally, I made my first hexipuff for the bee keepers quilt. I also bought 18? mini skeins of sock yarn in pink and wintery colors. Hehe. Oops.

bee 003

This one is knit in arequipa on size 4 bamboo needles. I purchased 150 safety pins for 5 bucks so I can sew in all the ends after I puff them up. I live in a small apartment and I don’t want to purchase stuffing until I am going to use it. I plan to cut pieces of quilting stuffing for only slightly puffed up hexapuffs. I will keep you updated!