pay it forward, gifts received!


Today, walking to the post office, I TOTALLY thought I knew what I was picking up. It was blue yarn for my next pullover project. But when I saw the size of the package the mail lady pulled out, I knew I had been mistaken.

I had to know right away so i opened it up in the parking lot! At first I was REALLY confused.


Once i read the note it all made sense. This is what snapdragoncrafts sent me as the pay it forward gift! It gave me goose bumps looking at it all day, I can’t wait to make my stuff too 🙂


I’ll have to ask her what she made this cloth out of because it is sooooo soft. I’m using it as a face cloth 🙂


She also sent me this with the pattern too. I had my eye on this pattern!! I haven’t been posting but I’ve been on a total dishcloth kick lately.

she also included a kit for making homemade cards…which will be perfect for me!

Thanks so much emily!