3KCBWDAY5 – Owlmazing Makes (a) PODCAST!

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link to its podomatic page


Hey guys,

So today our challenge was to do something DIFFERENT. I decided to honour some of my favorite podcasts and do one of my own! I really hope you’ll take the time to listen, it’s only about 20 minutes long and I put a lot of work into it. I did my best to remove some um’s, likes, my bads, etc but please bear with me! I was very nervous!!

OwlmazingMakes Podcast Episode 1: Shownotes

Savvy Girls, Knit 1 Geek 2, Knitting Pipeline, Knitmore Girls, Fluffy fibres, Knit Knit Cafe, Subway Knits, Electric sheep, miss elle knits, hollywood knitter, a playful day, stash and burn, never not knitting, Yarngasm.


On The Needles
Honey CowlMine.
Stripe study shawl
Minty socks
Gansy stitch socks
Country Weekend Socks
The yarn I couldnt remember – Rowan Amy Butler Belle Organic DK

Off the Needles

Mother Bear Charlie
My mother bear post
Knitpicks Brava

New in the queue – just one more row

Something silver by Veera Valimaki
Regent by Marnie Maclean
Nyame Julia Trice
Coachella by Fathom Harvill

2012 a sweater odyssey group

Favorite things – stitch it

Light Artichoke and asiago dip

When knitting attacks – knitmore girls


email – owlmazing (at) gmail (dot) com
Blog is right here!!!
Ravelry username: owlmazing


6 thoughts on “3KCBWDAY5 – Owlmazing Makes (a) PODCAST!

  1. I’m definitely going to give this a listen when I get a chance this weekend. Congrats! I hope that this was a great enough experience to inspire you to do another.

  2. Hi Sam! I just listening to your podcast while I was spinning on my wheel and I have to say I LOVED it! You did an amazing job, didn’t sound nervous at all and I didn’t notice any mistakes.

    I totally want to encourage you to keep it up – if you record more I will definitely listen!

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