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So, I’m joining in on the Knitting and Crochet blog week 2012. Just wanted to let you all know that.  Basically for a week we are all posting on pre-determined topics and trying to post everyday for 7 days. I’m hoping to be able to do something for each topic, but life is hectic, so we shall see! It’s definitely a challenge for me, someone who has never blogged 7 days in a row…ever.

Today though, we are talking about colour! yess!

Knitting is one of the things in my life that actually has the most color, period! My closet is full of blacks and greys. I use my knitting to inject colour into my wardrobe. And I most definitely go for certain colours for certain things.

I admit i need to do laundry so a lot is missing but you can see what I mean. black, black, grey, black, beige, oh green! black.

I really like to knit purple things apparently.

025-1scsocks 001-1041-1013

My plucky feet in well preserved!!! YES!

In fact, every time I’m buying sweater quantities I have to stop myself and go “oh yeah, you already have purple sweaters!!!”

I also really like to buy yarn that is yellow/golden. Check it out.


What do we have here…yarn for the wrapped pullover, yarn for a hat, cashmere yarn for bee socks, yarn for gansy socks, yarn for thrummed mittens, yarn for a hitchhiker, and some yarn I don’t know what to do with!

This golden yellow is one of those colors i just can’t get enough of.

To tell you the truth though, no matter what the color, I yarns that have a bit of depth to them , with the colour not being completely solid. A great example is the cowl I’m currently knitting:


Lighter and darker tones of teal. I love it.

I’m also obsessed with self striping yarns in ANY colour!

(turtle purl yarns striped turtle toes in gothic plum, knit picks felici in tyrian)

(knit picks felici in minty, art by ana sock party cake)


okay now I am laughing. Did you notice a theme to my stripey yarn choices?

Yeah, they’re all purple, dark, or yellow. I guess i really do like those colours. Learning so much today!!

So now, tell me, what are YOUR favourite colours to knit!?

Because it’s time for me to go cozy up on my couch with a mother bear…because it has been snowing / raining all day and I have been working! relaxation time begins now.

9 thoughts on “3KCBWDAY1 colour lover…

  1. I also LOVE golden yellow colors! Actually the color of honey happens to be my favorite color, and I still have yet to knit with that hue!! I knit with a lot creme’s browns, pinks, I like warmer colors, as well as muted colors.

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