Matching my Knitting & a KAL


I match my knitting! Between the dress, the yarn, the stitch marker and my nails I had to take a photo. This photo is secretly a couple days old though, and this project is MUCH further along.

& I just want to let everyone know, we are doing a VEERA KAL at the 2012: a sweater odyssey group on ravelry. The idea is to knit 1 adult sized garment in 2 months. Last time we did Amy Christoffers which is why I now have a lovely larch. If anyone wants to join in come find us! Cast on date is may 1.

I’m still trying to decide between:
White Light
Before Dark
Something Silver

I’m starting to lean towards something silver because it is more summery and it’s an easy yarn choice (I’ll just use the elsebeth lavold silky wool used in the pattern). What do you guys think?

heheh. This honestly wasn’t on purpose which is why I think it’s awesome.

Have a great monday!

9 thoughts on “Matching my Knitting & a KAL

  1. I vote for Something Silver as well. Very pretty greens and orange! Never thought they will look nice together, but in this hue combination they sure do! What are you knitting now, though? 😛

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