At a knitting crossroads

Oh my gosh!

I seriously miss blogging soooo much! So much that I’ve been awake for about 5 whole minutes and here I am, yapping away. My life has been SO busy the past week though 😦 For most people it was Easter vacation, for me it was Easter work your ass off.

I am a part time worker so it’s my job to work all stat holidays, plus I work weekends. So my last day off was Wednesday, and now today it’s Wednesday and I finally get a day! THANK GOD! I am so wiped out right now.

My lapis is done…and when I finished I was a total loss as to what to knit. which brings me to my point of this post…Let’s talk about my WIP.


WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS YARN?! / should I rip my wip?


If you count, there are 12 stripes total. I started knitting up a plain stockinette toe up sock because I needed something that was just PLAIN knitting, but now I’m not too sure. the stripes are ginormous. Each sock would only have 6 stripes. Let me show you.


Now that I have more than two brain cells to rub together, I’m not opposed to ripping this out. [the yarn is art by ana sock garden BTW!]

Last night I suddenly got the idea to make a sort of stripey shawl/scarf, which I think would be cool. The trick is to find one that will not mess with the stripes, which I’m finding difficult. I saw trillian and thought it might work, but now I’m not so sure. Same with hitchhiker. from the photos I just can’t figure it out! This yarn is quite unique so I can’t really see any other projects made from it. At this point it will be one of those two or else I’ll just make something up myself.

I kind of have this vague idea of starting at one end of the shawl/scarf and increasing up on one side and then decreasing when I hit halfway. I don’t know. I really want a stripey grey and yellow scarf now.

I really can’t decide.

What do you think? have you knit either of those? Would it ‘work’? what about my idea? HELP MEEE!


I’ll be back later this week with more chatter of course and also hopefully some nice outdoors photos of lapis! I’m heading out today to try. I really need to find someone to take my picture 😛 For now I will give you a sneak peak!


17 thoughts on “At a knitting crossroads

  1. I love both the Hitchhiker and the Trillian. I’ve made both a few times. I would totally use the cake for either! Can’t wait to see the finished project!

  2. I vote for Hitchhiker, too—I adore that pattern (it’s one of those “makes me wish I could knit!!” patterns, for me), and I think the yarn will be amazing in it. (Mmm, grey and yellow.) Also, your sweater looks just gorgeous, the drapiness and colour are fantastic.

  3. an interesting problem… the montego bay scarf is knit on the bias, which would slant your stripes! i’m not 100% sure about the idea of the fishnet lace in this yarn, but it would be easy enough to swap it out for a stitch pattern of your choice! maybe something with a slip stitch might be kind of cool, pulling the edge colors around a little more, and making the colors almost… pixelated? i don’t have words for what i’m trying to say…

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