My knitting makes me want to cry.

Oh, Larch.

I love you so much, but you make me want to cry. WHY?! Why larch, why?

Last night, as I was nearing the end of the collar of doom, I decided to read on in the pattern and see what my next step was. What I saw was that in the finishing section, the pattern described sewing together the selvage edge of the collar to the front of the cardigan.

Uh, what?

What selvage edge?

APPARENTLY, what i determined while lying in bed last night feeling like a chump, is: you were only supposed to pick up stitches until the flat edge of the front, aka NOT the stitches we bound off at the beginning of creating the fronts. I, on the other hand, picked up stitched ALL THE WAY TO THE EDGE OF THE CARDI. Yes. The pattern just says to pick up stitches in certain increments and that the numbers you get may vary based on gauge and everything. I’m guessing it must be OBVIOUS to most people to not go right to the edge? I don’t know. not to me. Ooooh not to me.


What I do know is that my collar had 190sts (I only counted at the very end so as to not scare myself from ever finishing) compared to a nice 137 in the pattern. And OMG there is just no way I am undoing so many rows of 1×1 twisted rib. There is just not. I mean, look at it:


I’m really hoping that I can just get through the last 5 rows and everything will turn out fine. The edges I did pick up look okay on both sides and the collar SEEMS like its going to be okay. As long as it doesn’t look WRETCHED, i don’t mind if it looks different.

That’s what I keep telling myself at least.

I’m going to go pour myself a drink with a bit of this in it though:


And try to play with these in between larch rows to keep myself sane. I’m making Camp out Fingerless Mitts out of some noro chirimen in “colorway number 8”.


I split it into two so I could imagine what they’ll look like. This is gonna be crazy!

So yeah. Mitts make me happy. Larch makes me a sad panda.


owlmazingmakes does not suggest drinking alcohol to solve your knitting woes. In fact, it has been proven by SCIENCE that alcohol makes knitting mistakes appear at a much faster rate than knitting whilst sober. Do as she says, not as she does.

13 thoughts on “My knitting makes me want to cry.

    • Yes, I did try it on and I think it will be OKAY. I hope so anyways. A few people in the KAL I’m knitting this with think I should just make it my new design feature 😛 That’s what I’m going to do but still … AH!

    • I have tried it on a buuunch of times throughout. I think I would not have even realized it if I had not read about the edge in the pattern so hopefully that means it looks okay? I’m going to continue on because…I’ve come WAY too far!

  1. Aww. This is totally the way I would deal with it too. Once you’re so near the end, just keep knitting and probably it will be okay right? Haha. It seriously does look good to me though. Hope it works out.

  2. Yikes! When bad things happen to good knitters… Reach for Noro. 😀 But if the ‘mistake’ is not too obvious you can always consider it a ‘modification’. Anyway, hope that swatching with pretty new yarn will make you feel better! 😉

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