FO Friday: The socks are done!


Wow. Taking pictures of socks is hard. I decided to post some of my fails today to show you that yes, taking photos of your own feet is a challenge. And no, Chris cannot do it, he is never home during daylight!! At least not when I am.

Exhibit A: Cool. You got the light from the window. But…What kind of a chair cushion IS that? And is that coffee I see in the background? Mmm…Coffee. I mean, socks? what?

Exhibit B: Random poses. Feet need to longingly look out the window too, you know.

Exhibit C: Oh, hey chair leg, sup? And you, window curtain, how you liking it here in all my photos? Comfy? oh, good.

Finally I got so frustrated I threw my legs up into the sky and gave up. But then that looked ridiculous too.


The Pattern: I just did a plain version with increases up to 64 sts instead of 72 of this pattern. I also decreased to 60 on the leg.
The Yarn: Gray, Golden Yellow, and Pumpkin Self-Striping Superwash Merino Sock Yarn from AlaskanNancy
The Needles: Us size 1 / 2.25mm Chiagoo AMAZINGNESS
The Notes: Obviously I love these socks. I mean, they’ve totally taken over my entire blog for the past week. This yarn is the best. It is sooooo nice on the toes. The striping is amazing. I used pretty  much all of the 110g of yarn I had. I love how I was able to match up the stripes pretty much perfectly. It actually made it easy to replicate two almost identical socks because I could watch the striping around the heel and know exactly what to do next. I highly recommend Nancy’s shop, Fireweed Dyeworks. I knit these puppies up in 6 days!!!


I’m joining in with Tami for this weeks FO friday. Go check out her cute sweater and everyone else’s stuff! I see a night of blog reading and knitting larch sleeves in my future. The boyfriend ( or should I call him the DJ) is getting a new CDJ (like a turntable that uses CD’s instead of records) on his way home from work tonight so I am going to be left to my own devices. I like it.


13 thoughts on “FO Friday: The socks are done!

  1. They are perfect! I feel your photo woe’s though, mine look an awful lot like your’s. Its just so dang hard to take pictures of your own feet!

  2. So pretty! I have problem with that, too. But I don’t knit many socks (yet) anyway. Btw, I’ve seen knitters use a chair against a plain wall for their sock picture-taking setup.

    • Haha I am glad you liked it 🙂 Yeah I have sock blockers, but they are too small for my feet 😉 And I also like to see how they conform to real feet sometimes, although blocker photos can be really nice too!

  3. Those. Are. Amazing. The stripes worked up like an absolute dream, and I adore all of your fun photos! I can’t stop staring at them—I totally wish I had a pair of these socks right this second. They remind me a little of a coral snake. 😀

  4. taking pictures of socks is totally hard! i really struggle with that anytime i have to take FO shots of socks. it helps a little if someone else takes them, but even then… feet just look weird, dude. i think you did very well, though!

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