Larch Lundi : Chirurgurie


Yes, I have french class tomorrow. Hence the showing off with the name. It’s another update on my larch for today though!


I’m done the two fronts, almost done the back. Unfortunately there was ONE stitch that had only gotten the tiniest piece of alpaca yarn in it, and I was worried that it would not hold up over time. So I went back SOOOO MANY ROOOWWWS to fix it. I’m about halfway done picking up the stitches now. I had to let two stitches fall down because I couldn’t tell which column it was really in. Stockinette making me go bug eyed!


FUN!!! At this point I’m EXCITED for boring stockinette. Haha. In reality though I am QUITE excited to join the fronts to the back and have real arm holes, so i should get on this. Sleeeeves here I come! The only problem is SOMETHING keeps distracting me.

[sneak peak until wednesday!]

I need to re devote myself to this larch though!

One thought on “Larch Lundi : Chirurgurie

  1. What a beautiful blue! And I love Larch.. Can’t wait to see yours – I’m sure it will be gorgeous. Btw, I use a crochet hook when picking up stitches. I think it helps make it easier 🙂

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