*Larch Lundi*

I decided to honour my awesome frenchness (lundi = Monday in French) by doing a ‘series’ called larch lundi. Every Monday I will be posting an update about my beauteous sweater until it is done!

right now I am working on Larch as part of a savory knit-a–long going on at 2012: a sweater odyssey. We are all knitting one of Amy christoffers sweater patterns. I chose Larch obviously. I’m doing weekly updates because I’m working on this pretty much EXCLUSIVELY so I should be able to have something to update each week.

I waited FOREVER for the yarn to come from webs but when it did I was super happy! the yarn I chose is berroco Ultra Alpaca Light in Lavender mix. The pattern called for 9 skeins in my size so I bought 11. Juuuust to be safe. I’m glad I did too because I’ve decided to make this thing a little bit longer than called for.


In the pattern it calls for the first part of the body before the decreases to be 4 inches long. I opted to change mine to 6 to give me a bit of extra length. Always got to make things more complicated for myself you see. I’m 5’10’’ so I appreciate a bit of extra length in a cardigan.


So here’s where I am at! I’ve done about 4 – 5 inched of stockinette. I am on my second skein of yarn. I am in love with my sweater to be – yay!


my favourite thing about it so far is this beautiful ribbing edge. It uses a cast off edge to get that lovely braid look going on. I think it is soooo nice. so happy I did it! And it really wasnt too hard or slow after I got into a rhythm.

basically…knit larch! You know you wannnnna 😉

Oh and just in case you were wondering, yes, i did swatch.

BAM! This is closest in accuracy to color too but still not quite right actually. Notice how every photo in this post is a different color?

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