owlmazing makes…more hats!


I’m joining in for the yarn along with ginny this week. I cast on this hat yesterday. The pattern is amazon striped beanie. It is growing like a weed!! Which is good because I need the cord for my larch cardigan! The wool came in the mail today and I realised I had used the cord I needed to magic loop this hat.


I know I can do it so I am not too concerned. I am swatching and then washing it before I can get started on Larch in earnest so I hope that’s enough time! I’m already about 40% done this hat by now anyways. Chris asked me last night “don’t you have enough hats?!” so I think this will be my last cast on for a hat for a bit. I know my Larch will take over anyways!


I am also reading the 4th book in the song of ice and fire series now. The book is called a feast for crows. The whole series is awesome, a series about kings, queens, monsters, imps, wolves, dragons and gold.
It’s very political (who should rein the realm?) but very touching as well. You really can relate with some of the characters very deeply, and also despise others. I recommend them all. I haven’t read a single other thing since starting this series….5000 pages ago. Yeah. I’m obsessed. I’m going to be really sad when I get to the end of the published books! 😦

What are you working on/reading this wednesday?


5 thoughts on “owlmazing makes…more hats!

  1. I read the song of fire and ice series, too! Soooooo addictive! I have finished all the books that have been released, unfortunately 😦 At least there is the tv show to look forward to!

    • awesome! Yeah it really is totally addictive, I am hooked. I’m near the end of the fourth book…then there’s only 1 more left…nooooo! 😛 I loved the first season of the tv show though and yeah, i’m excited for the next! As I was reading it all I was just thinking “wow…can’t wait to see what they do with this on tv”.

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