owlmazing makes…squee noises

I got the best package ever in the mail today! Technically it came on my birthday but I was busy in Toronto so I got it this morning instead.


I ordered this big box o yummy (from eat.sleep.knit.) to reward myself for completing the bodyrock.tv 30 day challenge. Oooh and also it was my birthday so that totally justified it to me. Yes.

Awesome part number 1: The yarn Lotto. I won a skein of squoosh!!! I don’t know what to choose! This is super awesome though. I like the colorway “spiced peaches” in the Ultra sock, but I’m not sure if that’s just because I am hungry and spiced peaches sound delicious right now. I’ll have to think about this one.

Awesome part number 2: THE YARRRRN. duh. Oh I am so happy.

Awesome part number 3: Everything looks like i expected and it came so fast. I’m still waiting on some other yarn orders that I made BEFORE this one that have not arrived.

I’ve mentioned before I want to make a bunch of malabrigo hats and then a cowl that incorporates all of the colors + a very muted base color, natural or something. I’ll do ships and seaside, most likely. This is the yarn I ordered for that endeavour!

Orchid. Haven’t picked a specific pattern for this one yet. I’m thinking rosebud.

Dusty. This one does not have a specified pattern in mind yet. Suggestions?

Pollen. I think this is my favorite, I LOVE it. Swoooon. I am going to make this amazing pattern: a most bespeckled hat. I think I will have to buy a skein of the natural and use that for the dots as well.

This will likely be the first one I cast on, the amazon stripe beanie. I love the pattern and the yarn, it’s going to be fabulous. Size 9 needles? Sign me up. I just bought the pattern but I am trying to hold off on casting on until I finish SOMETHING! The soft cable socks are looking to be my next FO…

My first ever skein of tanis yarn! Blue label fingering weight in “velvet”. I am excited because I really enjoy reading the TFA blog so it is cool to finally see the product! It is lovely. I also didn’t realize this is a canadian company, so even cooler! Turns out they are from MTL, very close to me 🙂 I’m going to make a Tanis pattern as well, The Business Casual Socks.

Finally we have my first ever skein of madeline tosh. This is Tosh Sock in water lily. So beautiful, right? No idea what to do with this one. Any suggestions?

So that is my package of goodness! I’ve just been walking up to the box and squishing them against my face all day. Ahhhh. So squishhyyyy.

3 thoughts on “owlmazing makes…squee noises

  1. Wow what lovely yarn! I adore Tosh Sock and it makes wonderful shawls – that colourway is amazing! All the other yarn is so pleasing, too! And Happy Birthday!!!x

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