owlmazing makes…21st birthday goals!

So OMG first of all let me just say I have missed blogging this week so much! Unfortunately for me (kinda) I’ve worked 8hr shifts every day since saturday! 6 days in a row is too many. Add a french class on top of that and I was just done. No daylight time to take pictures and no brain capacity to write anything at all!

I want to make some ‘goals’ for myself for MY coming year. Tomorrow is my 21st birthday. So in between 21 and 22, here’s what I want to accomplish, knitting wise.

(one of my favorite photos of me at age 20 – taken only last week! I think?)

1. Knit 7 pairs of socks. (1 for each day of the week)
Should be do able, I already have 2 pairs on the go with 1 sock done (or at the toe) for both of them. Next pair I want to cast on is: Free Bees. I have two skeins of gorgeous yellow cashmere that is meant to be these socks. They are toe up so I’m just going to make them as long as the cashmerey goodness allows for.

2. Learn to knit socks toe up.
See above. 😛

3. Finish a sweater!!!
I’m hoping I will at least finish Larch and the Lightweight Pullover, if not MORE. (I’m feeling ambitious I guess?)

4. Knit something lacey.
Honestly I’ve never really knit much lace, must add that to the repertoire. Any Pattern suggestions?

5. I have this grandoise plan to knit 5 different malabrigo hats and then create a cowl like the ships and seaside cowl out of the remnants so I will have limitless hats and a cozy cowl to match them all. I already bought the yarn…it’s in the mail.

periwinkle has already been knit. I’m thinking of purchasing either pigeon or purl to be the major color of the cowl with stripes of each. 1 hat I know I’m making is the amazon stripe beanie.

6. Have fun!
Knitting is my hobby, my passion, and my ‘relaxer’ (NOT ALWAYS 😛 ). I want to knit and be merry.

This weekend I have some awesome plans for my birthday. Can’t wait to share them later! Hope everyone has a fantabulous weekend 😀

2 thoughts on “owlmazing makes…21st birthday goals!

  1. just so you know, pigeon is a straight grey, with no color variation that is typical of malabrigo. pearl has those very slight variations in depth and tone. i dunno if that will effect your decision, but i thought i’d let you know!

    • Thank you! I appreciate it because since I dont really know, I haven’t picked one yet! i think I saw pearl in person…not EXACTLY what I’m looking for. I just want a good natural, which neither of those ones might be 😉 Thanks again!

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