Wip Wed: Stripey socks!!

I’m linking up with Tami once again for WIP Wednesdays. I am so pumped about this WIP!

sock! 001
Check out those matching up perfectly stripes why don’t ya?

My WIP this Wednesday makes me squee! there is something about striped socks that is so fun and addictive.

sock! 004
I’ve made it to the ribbing on one sock (waiting to finish just to make sure I weighed everything out right). This one was knit in about 3 days. I was just CONSUMED.

sock! 005

This one, I am about 10 stripes away from catching up! I think I’ve put in 2 or 3 days on this one? I know I cast on for the first on Friday. I wonder if I will be able to finish them in a week. Wouldn’t that be nuts?!

This yarn is dangerous. I am excited for Fireweed Dyeworks to reopen at the end of march but scared too! How will I knit ANYTHING else when there this ultra squishy and thick delicious yarn to be had. My poor larch is suffering dearly. I just want to finish these so I can stop neglecting it!

sock! 006
Eee! so close. The ball has shrunken very significantly. It’s look pretty unorganized. For some reason when I rewound the second ball it was really loose and almost the same size as the first one. Must have done the 1st a lot tighter. Oh well though!


(5 days ago, hehe!)

So now that you’ve seen my socks of love, go check out some other WIPS! dooo iiiittt.


Larch Lundi : Chirurgurie


Yes, I have french class tomorrow. Hence the showing off with the name. It’s another update on my larch for today though!


I’m done the two fronts, almost done the back. Unfortunately there was ONE stitch that had only gotten the tiniest piece of alpaca yarn in it, and I was worried that it would not hold up over time. So I went back SOOOO MANY ROOOWWWS to fix it. I’m about halfway done picking up the stitches now. I had to let two stitches fall down because I couldn’t tell which column it was really in. Stockinette making me go bug eyed!


FUN!!! At this point I’m EXCITED for boring stockinette. Haha. In reality though I am QUITE excited to join the fronts to the back and have real arm holes, so i should get on this. Sleeeeves here I come! The only problem is SOMETHING keeps distracting me.

[sneak peak until wednesday!]

I need to re devote myself to this larch though!

Mail Bag

i love getting packages in the mail. LOVE.

This is why I have an addiction to etsy. Before I got back into knitting it was clothes… I NEED to have stuff coming to me in the mail! Otherwise why even check it? gosh. I just hate going to the box and thinking “hmm…what do i have coming? Nothing? AWWWWWWWWWW!” so I try to avoid that.

So of course I was VERY pleased when I saw there was a package in my box today! i like that the mailboxes in my apartment building are large enough that small flexible packages get delivered straight to there.


I got…more self striping sock yarn! From Fireweed Yarns. Because you can never have enough. I want to wind this up into a cake soooo badly but I am trying to restrain myself. These are going to be plain old stockinette stripey socks.


Oh my gosh, i suck! I left this post, and coming back two hours later, I have this to report:


Uuuhh yeah I couldnt resist! And then…



I love my larch but my eyes get color bored. This is fixing that. I’m going to try not to work on them TOO much but already the stripeyness is addictive. Completely and totally addictive. Yikes! better go start a new project page.

wip wed: knitter of epic proportions

Yesterday I felt like a SUPERSTAR! Seriously. all it took was a little messing up first!

You see, there is this amazingly beautiful (its totally the yarn, art-by-Ana sock garden) sock on my needles right now. It goes with me wherever I venture, which is mostly hour long bus rides to and from work. I’ve made huge progress on this thing in the past two weeks for NEVER touching it at home.


Well I guess maybe i shouldn’t have been knitting on the bus at 6 am the previous day because I miscrossed a cable! The horror! The worst part was that I did not notice until TWO cable repeats after. That’s like 14 rows people.

So on the way home I made a decision. I was going to isolate those 6 cable stitches and go back the fourteen rows to fix the cable. Oh yes I did. On the bus.


It was scary and I kind of felt regret when I first ripped it out. I mean that’s 6 stitches, down 14 rows. I’ve dropped down to fix mistakes before, sure, but only 1 stitch at a time, and a few rows down usually. This was…more daunting? All the strings were all crimpy and wiggly and all OVER the place!

In the end though, I did it! I think I maaaay have made one cable repeat 5 rows and one 7 instead of both 6, but in the end, it’s WAY less noticeable than a cable done wrong. I just wish I took a “before” picture. That was a little too much for the bus ride though.


And it only took 1 bus ride to fix it. You can see the stitches look a BIT uneven from it (wider) and i swear the very bottom one is the box must be only 5 rows long. but I’m hoping it will block out. Either way, I’m impressed by myself. I was really wishing Chris was a knitter so he would GET how epic it was. Alas, I just told him “I did something REALLY awesome today. what was it? Oh…um…just trust me. it was super cool”.

So that’s my WIP. I hope yours were less…trying. But equally rewarding! I’m heading over to Tami’s ami’s to check them out!


Ps. the pattern I’m following is Cabley Goodness.

belated larch lundi!

Whoops! I got so caught up with work and hosting ANOTHER dinner last night that I missed my own larch lundi! that’s okay though, it was a delicious dinner and a good night. Plus it was a birthday dinner and I got awesome presents!

Chris made us pulled pork in the slow cooker and it was amazing, I can’t believe how CHEAP a pork shoulder is! We fed 6 and had over half left over…for a 10 dollar cut of meat. Crazyyyy. Crazy good. Served with sauteed herbed potatoes and salad it was great!

We also had a delicious cake made by my mom. Chocolate cake, poked with toothpicks, caramel sauce poured over the holes and cake, whipped cream on top, drizzled with MORE caramel and topped with skor bits. OMG SO DELICIOUS I ALMOST DIED. yeah.


so this is where i’m at so far on my larch. That’s about 16 inches of body in stockinette. I’m at the final decrease, 8 rows past. When i get to the 16th row I’m starting the neck shaping yay! Can’t wait to be done with ginormous part. Progress, i like it. I’ve been knitting in little yarn markers every day or so to mark my progress so it feels less like I’m knitting into a black hole 😉

This is one of my presents! A swift ( & ball winder not in photo) from knitpicks! My parents got this for me and I could not be happier! OMG ITS SO FAST! I’ve been hand winding balls FOREVEEERRR. This is so much better. they also got me a bunch of different cables for my knitpicks interchangeables! I’m set now.

Tada. It was fun and chris wanted to do one after me so i let him 🙂

My old method. The new ones are much neater and prettier eh? Plus they are center pull balls, so much better. Can’t wait to actually ATTATCH one to the sweater.

Now it’s time to keep knitting! I feel so close to a change of pace I just want to PUSH through! I showed everyone the pattern last night while they were here and they all loved it so I can’t wait to wear it. I want my sweater noooow.

The pattern is Larch by Amy Christoffers. The KAL is over at 2012: a sweater odyssey.

owlmazing makes…many FO’s

Only 1 of them knitting though. The other things I’ve finished today are:

– sweeping
– cleaning the bedroom
– dishes
– grocery shopping
– laundry

We are having chris’s parents and sister + her boyfriend over for dinner tonight so I’ve been in a bit of a cleaning frenzy you might say. Mostly just things that needed to be done so now they are DONE! Taco night with the family may ensuuuue!

I also have something much more exciting than housework to share…

Amazon Stripe Beanie! Yay it’s done! I actually finished it last thursday but I thought I would save it for this week since I know I am going Larch crazy over here, I am in the black hole of stockinette right now, agghhh!!!


The Pattern: Amazon Stripe beanie by Elisa McLaughlin
The Yarn: Malabrigo merino worsted in water green
The needles: US size 9 and 10.5
The notes: I was sceptical while I was knitting this that it was going to be TOO long but in the end it worked out just fine. I looooove this hat and I think it is the most flattering one I have made so far for myself. I am GOING to make more! I think some pretty hand spun (not by me of course) would be perrrfect, and in fact there is a hand spun version included in the pattern, awesome! I can’t wait to make many more and I love the construction. I used the braided piece to thread through the hat instead of a piece of yarn though.

My Pattern Page

What did you guys finish?!?! I’m going to head over to Tami’s ami’s to check out the other FO’s before dinner. I have a feeew more me minutes!