owlmazing makes…a declaration of LOVE!

Dear Malabrigo….

I love you. SO much.


You are soft, and squishy, and buttery and just amazing. You will keep me warm through my cold canadian winter and I’ll look good being warm too!


This week my main focus is my orchids and fairy lights hat. I thought it would go a lot faster than it is, after norby! I though oooh it’s a bigger gauge, less stitches to deal with, it will be even shorter than 4 days!

Yeah, no. Cables and bobbles make that not happen. Sometimes I will do my whole 40 minute bus ride and only finish ONE round! And yes, I am using a cable needle on the bus. Lord know what I am thinking. Now that I’ve completed two repeats though it is picking up speed as i remember the stitch pattern a lot better.


Even so I really don’t care because this malabrigo yarn is just so amazing. I AM IN LOVE PEOPLE!!! It is so awesome. I have definitely heard all the hype about malabrigo but knitting it is just another story. Last night in the shower I was thinking “hmmm….I think I need a malabrigo hat in every color available” seriously.


I probably shouldn’t go anywhere near my LYS that carries malabrigo…bad things might happen! As I tell the girls at the LYS all the time….”I am weak”.

What are you working on!? 😉


Go check out everyone else’s beautiful wips at Tami’s blog 🙂

9 thoughts on “owlmazing makes…a declaration of LOVE!

  1. Oh my gosh, beautiful. That yarn and that pattern are a match made in fairy-fluffy-beautiful heaven. I love cables and bobbles, so I’m all googly-eyed over this hat. And it makes me really impatient for the arrival of a new ball-winder so I can get a project started with a skein of dark blues-and-greens Malabrigo worsted that I have!

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