owlmazing makes…a confession.

I am addicted to casting on. And having a bajillion WIPs at once. eeks!

I may also have a problem with stashing yarn but I think we’ll leave THAT discussion for another day…

I HAVE SO MANY PROJECTS GOING ON ITS CRAZY! I am making a statement: I WILL NOT cast on anything new until all this stuff is done! Or at least half. AND I am not including the mittens I need to cast on still and the larch cardigan for a KAL starting feb 1.

Lets do a tally, including those 2 things, shall we?

On the needles right now I have…

2 pairs of socks.
-mystery kal socks
– Soft cable socks

2 [PURPLE] sweater projects

-light weight

1 hat
– orchids and fairy lights

1 pair of mittens
thrummed mittens to cast on

1 blanket that I probably will never finish
– beekeepers

1 shawl that I need to frog (I’ll explain later)
knit 011
stripe study

So yeah. In total I have 8 things going on right now. And I’ve Casted off 2 things this new year. LMAO. Ok. Time to get this under control! I will not cast on anything else until this stuff is done! No more socks until both pairs can be worn. No more sweaters for a WHILE. No more hats or mittens until those are done too!

JUST NO MOOOOOOOOOOOOORE. I’m in that place where I need some FO’s in my life. Working on a kajillion things at once is not helping that. Not at all!

So if you see me posting here about casting on….hit me.

2 thoughts on “owlmazing makes…a confession.

    • yes I am! 😦 A) not pleased with my M1L’s. I was doing it WRONG! It made it all holey along the one side. B) the colors are just not really me. I want to change colors C) I was STUPID and cut the yarn at my color changes instead of carrying it along, not realizing how short the CC color would be by the end of the row. Now I really dont want to weave in all those ends hehe.

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