owlmazing makes…Norby.

{and joins in with Ginny over at small things for yarn along, a day every week to celebrate knitting and reading!}

Yes, that’s right, I did it! I made Norby! And I am still as in love as the day we met. 😉


This hat has consumed all of my time for the past 4 days. Now, I get to wear it! I knit it exactly to pattern (Norby by Gudrun Johnston), using size 4 dpns for the ENTIRE hat! I really love the outcome, the yarn (LOFT in postcard), and the way the pattern was written. Very clear with good photos and instructions. It was fun learning to make the tassles with the twisted cord!


The stitch pattern is pretty and very easy to memorize. That allowed me to take this hat with me wherever I went, which I definitely did! I was MONOGAMOUS with this hat. Totally.


I really really love it! I don’t want to take it off. Everrr.


Hence why I am in my housecoat, reading, and wearing my hat. Perfect for Yarn Along. I am reading A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin. I am hooked on these books and the TV series was extremely well done as well. I am even more excited for the next season now because there are some things in this second book I really hope to see be recreated! The TV show is Game of Thrones, by the way.

Also, we have NO water from 9 am to 4 pm today and it is an ice land outside. I am staying home, reading, knitting, and RELAXING all day. Wouldn’t you know it, my chores for the day almost exclusively include water. Sorry dishes, laundry, and bathroom cleaning, you’re going to have to wait.

Ahhh. This day is going to be great. At least until 4 pm.

12 thoughts on “owlmazing makes…Norby.

  1. I have always despised when my water is disrupted or my electricity. How is it we never appreciate it or think of it unless it is missing? Anyways, your hat is lovely and I love the right amount of slouch in the back-and the tassel!!!

    • thank you! i want to say…I love those little knitting dolls you posted about the other day! I keep trying to comment on them but blogger just WILL NOT allow me to do so! I think the cushion you are making is super cute 🙂

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