owlmazing makes…orchids and fairy lights.

Woop! i can’t believe I am able to post my WIP wed and my FO fri with the same object. Somehow writing about how slow it was going allowed me to speed up like crazy. Last night I was simply DETERMINED to finish the hat and I did!030-1

The Pattern: Orchids and Fairy Lights by Tiny Owl Knits aka Stephanie


The Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Periwinkle, 21gms left over.


The Needles: Size US 7 circular needle, 32”, worked in magic loop

My project Page

The Notes: I love the way the final product turned out but I must say by the end of it i was definitely getting sick of the cables! My hands were craving stockinette. It doesn’t help that I’m doing another project (2012 KK Mystery socks) and they include the same design elements – bobble and 1/1 cables! In the end I really like it but I may not make it again for quite some time. I definitely think every girl needs 1 though! ❤ So warm and fuzzy, the yarn also helped the stitches be really defined and beautiful.043-1
Skills Gained: Magic Loop.


That’s it! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I am going out to dinner with my parents and brother / our respective boyfriend & girlfriend for my birthday dinner. Technically my birthday is a week away, but we are doing something special for ym bday weekend! So dinner tonight it is 🙂 I’m not getting any gifts today but that’s fine, it’s going to be delicious food and a fun night!

Check out the other finished objects from this week at Tami’s Amis.


owlmazing makes…a declaration of LOVE!

Dear Malabrigo….

I love you. SO much.


You are soft, and squishy, and buttery and just amazing. You will keep me warm through my cold canadian winter and I’ll look good being warm too!


This week my main focus is my orchids and fairy lights hat. I thought it would go a lot faster than it is, after norby! I though oooh it’s a bigger gauge, less stitches to deal with, it will be even shorter than 4 days!

Yeah, no. Cables and bobbles make that not happen. Sometimes I will do my whole 40 minute bus ride and only finish ONE round! And yes, I am using a cable needle on the bus. Lord know what I am thinking. Now that I’ve completed two repeats though it is picking up speed as i remember the stitch pattern a lot better.


Even so I really don’t care because this malabrigo yarn is just so amazing. I AM IN LOVE PEOPLE!!! It is so awesome. I have definitely heard all the hype about malabrigo but knitting it is just another story. Last night in the shower I was thinking “hmmm….I think I need a malabrigo hat in every color available” seriously.


I probably shouldn’t go anywhere near my LYS that carries malabrigo…bad things might happen! As I tell the girls at the LYS all the time….”I am weak”.

What are you working on!? 😉


Go check out everyone else’s beautiful wips at Tami’s blog 🙂

owlmazing makes…a confession.

I am addicted to casting on. And having a bajillion WIPs at once. eeks!

I may also have a problem with stashing yarn but I think we’ll leave THAT discussion for another day…

I HAVE SO MANY PROJECTS GOING ON ITS CRAZY! I am making a statement: I WILL NOT cast on anything new until all this stuff is done! Or at least half. AND I am not including the mittens I need to cast on still and the larch cardigan for a KAL starting feb 1.

Lets do a tally, including those 2 things, shall we?

On the needles right now I have…

2 pairs of socks.
-mystery kal socks
– Soft cable socks

2 [PURPLE] sweater projects

-light weight

1 hat
– orchids and fairy lights

1 pair of mittens
thrummed mittens to cast on

1 blanket that I probably will never finish
– beekeepers

1 shawl that I need to frog (I’ll explain later)
knit 011
stripe study

So yeah. In total I have 8 things going on right now. And I’ve Casted off 2 things this new year. LMAO. Ok. Time to get this under control! I will not cast on anything else until this stuff is done! No more socks until both pairs can be worn. No more sweaters for a WHILE. No more hats or mittens until those are done too!

JUST NO MOOOOOOOOOOOOORE. I’m in that place where I need some FO’s in my life. Working on a kajillion things at once is not helping that. Not at all!

So if you see me posting here about casting on….hit me.

owlmazing makes…a mish mash post.

Ahh I feel like I am all over the place today! Let’s just see here…

I got an amazing package in the mail yesterday! I ordered a kit for thrummed mittens from Moonlightandlaughter on etsy. I chose to get a beautiful buttery yellow yarn and brown alpaca and wool fibre for the thrumms! I will be following the pattern provided, not the one I linked above, just so you know as well 🙂

The whole package all wrapped up.



Preeettttty. This is hand dyed merino and mohair yarn. looove it! Can’t wait to get started!


The package also contained some other special goodies. The fiber, which is alpaca and wool, came in 4 small puffs. still not sure if I know how to properly “thrumm” exactly but we shall see! This is my first time ever getting to play with anything that isn’t spun before!


The bundle itself was tied with a matching brown ribbon and in the bow was a cute firefly stitch marker. I love it! Also there was this beautiful and lovely smelling lavender sachet. The extra touches made it extra special! She also included and hand written card and a nice little packet of chocolate treats!


sorry….it’s just so pretty. I love the almost auburn color of this stuff! SO MUCH!

So overall I am super happy with my order. Go check out Moonlightandlaughter’s etsy shop! She has some really beautiful stuff. And this package I bought was definitely reasonably priced!


Secondly, Blogger is irritating me very much right now! I keep trying to comment on the blogger blogs I read and it tells me that the little verification code you need to use is ALWAYS wrong! They really aren’t hard to read…I can’t figure it out!


right? I’m not crazy….all of those got rejected. It happens every time. I must be insane because I keep trying and it NEVER works! Is anyone else who uses wordpress but comments on blogger blogs having this issue? Sigh.

That’s all. This afternoon i am going to head to knit knackers and pick up some DPNS for the mittens, and maybe some other stuff toooo….you never know 😉 I am weak. Very weak.

owlmazing makes…Norby.

{and joins in with Ginny over at small things for yarn along, a day every week to celebrate knitting and reading!}

Yes, that’s right, I did it! I made Norby! And I am still as in love as the day we met. 😉


This hat has consumed all of my time for the past 4 days. Now, I get to wear it! I knit it exactly to pattern (Norby by Gudrun Johnston), using size 4 dpns for the ENTIRE hat! I really love the outcome, the yarn (LOFT in postcard), and the way the pattern was written. Very clear with good photos and instructions. It was fun learning to make the tassles with the twisted cord!


The stitch pattern is pretty and very easy to memorize. That allowed me to take this hat with me wherever I went, which I definitely did! I was MONOGAMOUS with this hat. Totally.


I really really love it! I don’t want to take it off. Everrr.


Hence why I am in my housecoat, reading, and wearing my hat. Perfect for Yarn Along. I am reading A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin. I am hooked on these books and the TV series was extremely well done as well. I am even more excited for the next season now because there are some things in this second book I really hope to see be recreated! The TV show is Game of Thrones, by the way.

Also, we have NO water from 9 am to 4 pm today and it is an ice land outside. I am staying home, reading, knitting, and RELAXING all day. Wouldn’t you know it, my chores for the day almost exclusively include water. Sorry dishes, laundry, and bathroom cleaning, you’re going to have to wait.

Ahhh. This day is going to be great. At least until 4 pm.

owlmazing makes…a couple of requests!



It is my birthday in a few weeks and I am being badgered for gift ideas! I don’t know why but I am hitting a major brain block! I am trying to compile an amazon wishlist to email to my boyfriend and my parents.


I need some good knitting book ideas, and maybe smoe very pretty yarn ideas? or what tools do you think save your life? Should I ask for a swift and ball winder?

Here is what I have so far: My wishlist.

Help me get awesome presents for my 21st birthday 😀

Request # 2: Add me on Twitter! I just created a twitter account this morning…for all those times I feel like saying “omg 1 more repeat of ____” or whatever. Addd me! I need friends. I am so lonely 😦

😛 owlmazingmakes on twitter.

And as a thank you….check it out….Norby should be tassle-ified and blocked by this evening!


owlmazing makes…a venture into the great outdoors

It is snowing like crazy here right now. I don’t know how many centimetres it is but I am very glad to be back inside right now! I love the way it looks though, so I ventured out to take a few photos for you. I have no FO’s to share so here we go instead!









This is 1 half. I will share the others another time. Now it is time for me to go enjoy the soup I made earlier and fondle my BROOKLYN TWEED LOFT YARN that came in the mail earlier! Whooooppee!