owlmazing makes…plans to knitalong.

So I have this habit of trying to find fun knitting blogs with nice photography to read all the time. Lately I have found many gems, and one of those is Through The Loops. It just so happens that Kirtsen is also throwing a mystery sock knit a long starting January first! I read that and I was sold. I don’t know why but that just screamed FUN! FUN! FUN! to me.


So I went and bought the pattern asap. And then there was the choosing of the yarn. Eesh.

She recommended to use a solid color so that left me with a whole one option in my stash. A skein of orange misti alpaca. Reading through the thread on rav though I saw that the designer had done hers in a nice light color, she said similar to a light blue color. That made ME want a nice light color too.


Off I went, equipped with some christmas cash to the yarn store today. Yarns Etc is essentially on my way home from work so that’s where I went. I was hoping to get some dream in color smooshy but they only had classy (worsted weight i believe). I also spotted some spud and chloe that I liked but I was unsure about the yardage, it’s only 65g per hank. Can you make a pair of socks out of that? I didn’t have enough money to buy two so I didn’t risk it.


In the end I chose Oceanwind Knits 100% merino superwash sock yarn. This is a yarn made in Ontario so that’s a bonus. It is also just squishy and wonderful so that made it a good choice too.


The color is called tickled which I just love. tickled pink. Get it? 😛 Oh, of course you do!

I’m going to roll this up into a ball and do a swatch STAT!!! I’ll be sure to take daylight photos sometime when I get the chance, but it won’t be for a few days. Between work and Christmas #2, there is just no time. I just wanted to share this! I’m excited.

I’m also planning on posting the TTL spoiler image above at the beginning of every post I talk about this in so that I don’t ruin the surprise for anyone else knitting along. If you are doing it let me know!!! The more the merrier of couuuurse.

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