owlmazing makes…things she shouldn’t make.

This Wednesday, I once again have things I should be working on and things I am working on.


I should be finishing off the sweaters for Myself and Jamie. I should be working on my co-workers Mochimochi Snowman ornament.

knit 016
(There should be way more than just these 2 up there!!!)

I should also be christmas shopping. (Which I am doing right after this thankyouverymuch!)

Instead, I am working on my Stripe Study shawl.

knit 009-1

And yeah, I decided to change the contrasting color at the last moment. I love the bright colors of the yellow and pink yarn but I knew that I would never actually wear that as this shawl. I don’t usually wear such bright colors, and especially not mixed with cream. I wear a lot of black to be honest!

knit 011-1

I decided to head back to Yarns, etc. and pick up a new skein of Lornas Laces. I chose to purchase this nice blue green color, Douglas Fir. I am glad I did because with the natural cream main color I think it looks really good. I had a really hard time picking this color!

knit 012-1
Me likey.

I’m also working on my second gnome mitten of course. I chose the stripe study which is mostly just plain garter with a bit of shaping for my TV knitting project, and the gnome mittens for when I am more focused, not needing my eyes for anything else (hello, podcasts!).

knit 007

Later today I truly will get on it with those christmas gifts and knitting, I just wanted to start my weekend off with some nice “me” knitting time. It was splendid. Now….I need your help!!!!

What the heck do I do with this yarn?!!??!

hexis 015

Its about 400 yards i think.

And if you can’t help me, at least check out the other WIPS at tami’s amis!

happy wednesday!

10 thoughts on “owlmazing makes…things she shouldn’t make.

  1. I’ve been pretty good about doing the shoulds ahead of the want-tos, but I think I’m about out of patience. There’s every chance I’ll be casting on some vanilla socks for myself later tonight. No idea for the rainbow yarn. I had something similar and did a Westerwald Waves Scarf. Happy Christmas!

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