owlmazing makes…things she shouldn’t make.

This Wednesday, I once again have things I should be working on and things I am working on.


I should be finishing off the sweaters for Myself and Jamie. I should be working on my co-workers Mochimochi Snowman ornament.

knit 016
(There should be way more than just these 2 up there!!!)

I should also be christmas shopping. (Which I am doing right after this thankyouverymuch!)

Instead, I am working on my Stripe Study shawl.

knit 009-1

And yeah, I decided to change the contrasting color at the last moment. I love the bright colors of the yellow and pink yarn but I knew that I would never actually wear that as this shawl. I don’t usually wear such bright colors, and especially not mixed with cream. I wear a lot of black to be honest!

knit 011-1

I decided to head back to Yarns, etc. and pick up a new skein of Lornas Laces. I chose to purchase this nice blue green color, Douglas Fir. I am glad I did because with the natural cream main color I think it looks really good. I had a really hard time picking this color!

knit 012-1
Me likey.

I’m also working on my second gnome mitten of course. I chose the stripe study which is mostly just plain garter with a bit of shaping for my TV knitting project, and the gnome mittens for when I am more focused, not needing my eyes for anything else (hello, podcasts!).

knit 007

Later today I truly will get on it with those christmas gifts and knitting, I just wanted to start my weekend off with some nice “me” knitting time. It was splendid. Now….I need your help!!!!

What the heck do I do with this yarn?!!??!

hexis 015

Its about 400 yards i think.

And if you can’t help me, at least check out the other WIPS at tami’s amis!

happy wednesday!