owlmazing makes…nothing


Yesterday, Chris (boyfriend) and I went christmas shopping. In between all of the madness I stopped into a yarn shop that I had yet to be to, Yarns, etc.

I knew they sold Lorna’s Laces which I don’t think is carried anywhere else that I have been here, so I went straight to them. I picked out 2 skeins, which was definitely ENOUGH indulgence.

First, above, the River Shepherds Socks. OMG I love it so much. I am going to make Darjeeling, out of my favorite book right now:


Yes. Oh, this is love. I want to make almost every pattern in the book. I will definitely give this the full review it deserves sometime later on. See those yellow socks on the cover? I NEED THEM.

I’m actually making darjeeling first though, I think. Still no yarn for those yellow beauts.


And then there was the natural I bought yesterday as well. And the crazy awesome sloooowly color changing SUNRISE LOOKIN’ sock yarn going on up top. This is art by ana yarn I bought at knit knackers some time ago. I think this pattern is going to look amazing in this slowly changing yarn. I think I’m going to start from the yellow end. I have EVERYTHING ready, including my first ever pair of addis. Can’t believe I haven’t tested them yet. This is being cast on ASAP!!

Stripe Study Shawl by Veera Valimaki.

So that is what I bought…and what I am doing with it!

Do you plan out your projects like this too?