owlmazing makes…plans to knitalong.

So I have this habit of trying to find fun knitting blogs with nice photography to read all the time. Lately I have found many gems, and one of those is Through The Loops. It just so happens that Kirtsen is also throwing a mystery sock knit a long starting January first! I read that and I was sold. I don’t know why but that just screamed FUN! FUN! FUN! to me.


So I went and bought the pattern asap. And then there was the choosing of the yarn. Eesh.

She recommended to use a solid color so that left me with a whole one option in my stash. A skein of orange misti alpaca. Reading through the thread on rav though I saw that the designer had done hers in a nice light color, she said similar to a light blue color. That made ME want a nice light color too.


Off I went, equipped with some christmas cash to the yarn store today. Yarns Etc is essentially on my way home from work so that’s where I went. I was hoping to get some dream in color smooshy but they only had classy (worsted weight i believe). I also spotted some spud and chloe that I liked but I was unsure about the yardage, it’s only 65g per hank. Can you make a pair of socks out of that? I didn’t have enough money to buy two so I didn’t risk it.


In the end I chose Oceanwind Knits 100% merino superwash sock yarn. This is a yarn made in Ontario so that’s a bonus. It is also just squishy and wonderful so that made it a good choice too.


The color is called tickled which I just love. tickled pink. Get it? 😛 Oh, of course you do!

I’m going to roll this up into a ball and do a swatch STAT!!! I’ll be sure to take daylight photos sometime when I get the chance, but it won’t be for a few days. Between work and Christmas #2, there is just no time. I just wanted to share this! I’m excited.

I’m also planning on posting the TTL spoiler image above at the beginning of every post I talk about this in so that I don’t ruin the surprise for anyone else knitting along. If you are doing it let me know!!! The more the merrier of couuuurse.

owlmazing makes…ornaments!


Ok…I went a little crazy with the ornaments, I think. 3 snowmen and 6 sweaters later, I can’t believe I am DONE!


I decided to follow Anna Hrachovec’s pattern for mochimochi snowmen. I turned them into ornaments with a quick string through the noggin!


These snowman friends are for my two best friends, and my ‘best coworker’. I’m still debating making one last snowman so Maria and her daughter Lana can have matching ornaments for her second christmas ❤

Unfortunately though I don’t have much time! I will be seeing her tonight and giving her these gifts at her potluck. At 1 I am going to a friends (actually, the blue snowmans future owner) to bake up my potluck treat! I’ve got about 4 hours to get ready, clean, go, workout, etc. We’ll see what happens with this little guy.


I also made sweater ornaments for my parents, myself and my brother, and our boyfriend and girlfriend. Chris’s sweater has already been wrapped so it’s missing from the pictures.


I’m so excited to give them to everyone! And so happy to be able to do so 🙂

Well, I guess I better decide what to do and get to it! Check out everyone else’s FO’s at Tami’s Amis!


And if you want to see my other FO of this week, check out my chubby chirp.

In the meantime….


She’s watching yoooooou!

owlmazing makes…a chubby chirp

Yesterday I asked you guys what I should do with this:

hexis 015

And you gave me some great suggestions. A couple of you said monsters which kind of….sparked something in my mind. Something that also sparked was the fact that I have NO gifts to bring to my best friends party this weekend. That would just not do. I also have very limited money at the moment, unfortunately.


And thus, a birdie was born. I had the idea of toys in my head and my best friends daughter, Lana, came to mind. Maybe I won’t have anything for maria (yet), but her daughter will have a cute little present just for her.


I followed Rebecca Danger’s pattern for Chubby Chirps, it is a free pattern! I knit the body and wings up in cascade 220 superwash (same yarn as in my header!) on size 4 dpns. The beak was improvised as I only had sock yarn in the correct colour. The sock yarn in question was a mini skein of Painted Tiger Tiger Twist in the Spiced Pumpkin Colorway. I love this yarn and want a regular sized skein now! Maybe to use for my beloved Lady Tryamour socks.


For the beak I cast on 12 stitches and joined in the round. I knit a couple rounds and then started doing decreases, doing k2tog, k4, k2tog k4 the first time, and then k2tog, k3, etc, until it was a cute little cone. I sewed it on and voila!


I hope she loves it…I do! Her daughter is only 1 1/2 years old, not sure if it’s appropriate for her yet? The birdie is about 3 – 4 inches tall. If not she can be saved to play with later though ❤ I made sure to sew on everything really well and double check by tugging on all extremities 😉

Here’s my projects ravelry page.

I will definitely make this again! So easy and soooo adorable.

owlmazing makes…things she shouldn’t make.

This Wednesday, I once again have things I should be working on and things I am working on.


I should be finishing off the sweaters for Myself and Jamie. I should be working on my co-workers Mochimochi Snowman ornament.

knit 016
(There should be way more than just these 2 up there!!!)

I should also be christmas shopping. (Which I am doing right after this thankyouverymuch!)

Instead, I am working on my Stripe Study shawl.

knit 009-1

And yeah, I decided to change the contrasting color at the last moment. I love the bright colors of the yellow and pink yarn but I knew that I would never actually wear that as this shawl. I don’t usually wear such bright colors, and especially not mixed with cream. I wear a lot of black to be honest!

knit 011-1

I decided to head back to Yarns, etc. and pick up a new skein of Lornas Laces. I chose to purchase this nice blue green color, Douglas Fir. I am glad I did because with the natural cream main color I think it looks really good. I had a really hard time picking this color!

knit 012-1
Me likey.

I’m also working on my second gnome mitten of course. I chose the stripe study which is mostly just plain garter with a bit of shaping for my TV knitting project, and the gnome mittens for when I am more focused, not needing my eyes for anything else (hello, podcasts!).

knit 007

Later today I truly will get on it with those christmas gifts and knitting, I just wanted to start my weekend off with some nice “me” knitting time. It was splendid. Now….I need your help!!!!

What the heck do I do with this yarn?!!??!

hexis 015

Its about 400 yards i think.

And if you can’t help me, at least check out the other WIPS at tami’s amis!

happy wednesday!

owlmazing makes…nothing


Yesterday, Chris (boyfriend) and I went christmas shopping. In between all of the madness I stopped into a yarn shop that I had yet to be to, Yarns, etc.

I knew they sold Lorna’s Laces which I don’t think is carried anywhere else that I have been here, so I went straight to them. I picked out 2 skeins, which was definitely ENOUGH indulgence.

First, above, the River Shepherds Socks. OMG I love it so much. I am going to make Darjeeling, out of my favorite book right now:


Yes. Oh, this is love. I want to make almost every pattern in the book. I will definitely give this the full review it deserves sometime later on. See those yellow socks on the cover? I NEED THEM.

I’m actually making darjeeling first though, I think. Still no yarn for those yellow beauts.


And then there was the natural I bought yesterday as well. And the crazy awesome sloooowly color changing SUNRISE LOOKIN’ sock yarn going on up top. This is art by ana yarn I bought at knit knackers some time ago. I think this pattern is going to look amazing in this slowly changing yarn. I think I’m going to start from the yellow end. I have EVERYTHING ready, including my first ever pair of addis. Can’t believe I haven’t tested them yet. This is being cast on ASAP!!

Stripe Study Shawl by Veera Valimaki.

So that is what I bought…and what I am doing with it!

Do you plan out your projects like this too?

owlmazing makes….a very gnomey mitten!


this week I am super duper proud to present my WIP to you.

It is a pattern I am SO excited about. I can’t stop talking about it. Or GUSHING about it to my boyfriend. Or knitting it either.


I started last week and I am already almost done the first mitten! Cannot believe it. It is just so fun knitting fair isle! This is my first fair isle project ever, I taught myself using a book I bought last wednesday. I am SO proud of myself right now.

So proud. So excited. So flippin in love. And so wishing I could start the other mitten right.now.


Thumb side and Inside.

Instead I must work on my christmas ornaments for my family. Every year my parents give us each an ornament. Well this year, I decided to knit us each one! I’m only done my mom’s so far though. I made up the pattern to suit my yarn and needles. Hexis are on hold until I finish these, I’m using their needles!


I have 1 skein of red, 1 of green, and 1 of white. Should be able to crank out an L, M, C, maybe an S, and a J maybe as well. We’ll see.

I decided mom’s first, then dad, brother, chris (my boyfriend), me, and my brothers girlfriend last if I have time (Not sure if she’ll actually be there).

So…that’s what I’ve been up to! Hopefully in a week or two I will have a full pair of mittens 😀

Check out everyone else’s WIPS @ Tami’s Amis.

Edited to add: I forgot to link the gnome mitten pattern! It is from SpillyJane.

owlmazing makes…life decisions.

So I’ve been doing this thing for the past couple of weeks. It’s this:

I workout. If I workout enough, I buy myself yarn. Pretty simple.

My goal for december is 3 workouts a week. I like to run and also do some workout  videos or workouts from a  magazine or book. Usually it’s running and maybe some jillian micheals workouts a couple of days.

If i workout 3x a week, I buy myself mini skeins of yarn for my hexipuff obsession. so far it worked quite well the first week and I just received my reward in the mail today! Last week was not a success, but I was going through a lot of personal stuff and just NOT feeling it. I tried not to get down on myself and just let it be. No minis for me, but that’s okay. Life never goes exactly as planned, that’s just not how it works!

So I figured for that extra bit of upping the ante I would post about it and update 1x per week on mondays with a simple Did I make it? And what did I order type of deal.

Week 1: success, Purchased:


From Radical Notions.

Week 2: Not a Success.

Week 3: To be determined.

& just in case you are wondering why I am working out in the first place, it’s because I want to be HEALTHY! I have no weight to lose. My aunt had a weird heart attack at age 46 and I want to keep myself in tip top shape to avoid that. She was never overweight at all and it just…happened. I just want to know that I’m doing my best to keep MY heart strong and healthy ❤ It’s a good goal to have!

There are a bunch of us doing something similar on ravelry. Check out Sweatin For Skeins if you are curious 🙂