owlmazing makes… a WIP wednesday!

This week I am working on a few things. My moms xmas socks for one, but those won’t be on here again until they are DONE! I’m hoping to finish them this week, yet all I’ve knit today is hexipuffs! They are SO addictive…and I got something in the mail last night! More about that later though.

My other WIP is the ‘whistler beanie’ from sublime yarns pattern line. I haven’t located the pattern on ravelry so I can’t link to it, sorry! Here is what I have done so far though:

hexis 029

I have to knit this to be 9 inches, it’s about 3? And I’m almost done the first ball of sublime cashmere merino silk DK in cream. I am going to need to buy another one, I only have 1 left! I’m a bit disappointed that the pattern only called for 2 balls, as it is QUITE the trip out to the LYS. This project hasn’t been getting much love lately though. The socks are taking up all my Dexter knitting time!

I think I’m going to save my haul of minis for the next post but just look:

hexis 001

Teaser 😉

hexis 024

The first puff I knit up out of the skeins! I did this this morning 🙂 I loooove the way the yarn striped up. I am so absolutely in love with the beekeepers quilt project. I love watching a hexipuff turn up in palms as if it was nothing! MAGIC!

hexis 031

Eeeee! I can’t wait to get more colors going on in here but…SQUEE! I love it love it LOVE IT. Must work on other WIPS! Puffs are supposed to be travel knitting. Gotta remind myself of that 😉 It counts for WIP Wednesday because the quilt is a WIP 😉


Go check out the other WIPS at tami amis!

8 thoughts on “owlmazing makes… a WIP wednesday!

  1. LOVE the heart! And the stripes! Clearly, I need to step up my puff knitting game. Thanks for the inspiration! Also, I see safety pins. What are your plans for puff stuff? No stuff? Knitting them together? I’m curious! 🙂

    • Sometime I’m going to have to write out and post up my whole plan. Right now I haven’t decided whether to puff or not so none of them are bound off. I know I don’t want them very puffy but I might do like 1 layer of quilting stuffing? I’m just not sure yet and space wise they are easier to keep unstuffed. I still don’t know how I’m going to attach them either, I really want it to be drapey though but also not look obvious on the edges. Decisions, decisions!

      • Ha! Happy to be an enabler, and looking forward to seeing your semi-puffed puffs soon. I just got a set of mini skeins for Candy Skein, and am hoping to get to puffing again this weekend. They’re so fun!!

  2. Sublime is one of my favorite yarns to work with! I was just thinking of making myself another hat… =)

    The safety pins are a GREAT idea if you are knitting puffs on the go and planning to stuff at home! So glad you posted that picture. Your puffs are beautiful!

    • It is so nice to work with. I can’t believe I don’t hear more people talking about it! I’m thinking of making a matching cambrian cowl from the coastal knits book to go with it 🙂

      Yes, I love them! I actually haven’t decided on puffing yet so that’s 1 reason to use them. The other is though that I can put them on the pins, use my nail clippers to cut the end, and start a new one right away! 🙂

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