owlmazing makes… a FO Friday!

I’m excited because this is my first time participating 🙂 I DO have a FO for today…in fact 2 FO’s. I’m a little late…I hope its ok! I wrote this last night and never got to post it! eeks.

hexis 026

2 little hexiFO’s 🙂

I knit the pink and blue stripe one today on my way to the LYS. I knit the other one after I came back with my goodies 🙂 I just couldn’t wait to see how it would knit up.

I recently ordered some mini skeins online but they haven’t arrived yet and I was getting anxious. I was on ravelry that one of my LYS’s (my preferred one – the staff are young and suuuupppper friendly) was stocking mini skeins by their kind of ‘house’ hand dyer? Art by ana!

hexis 014

This was purchased at knit knackers. the 4 mini skeins for $15 dollars and the cake of sock yarn for $24. The notions bag was free! And absolutely PERFECT for toting around my hexipuffies 🙂 The yarn is so soft, I am totally in love. I realllllly want to knit myself socks from whatever skeins these minis come from! The semi solids are gorgeous.

hexis 023

This is my little hexi kit. Needles, yarn, safety pins, and some nail clippers to cute the yarn when i finish one 🙂

I actually finished 3 hexis and the heel on my moms christmas socks yesterday! go me!


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